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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thank Your Lucky Stars

Thank Your Lucky Stars
-British pop music TV program that broadcast from 1961-1966
-Many bands performed on it, and for alot of British teens it was almost top priority watching it.
-American guests were frequent visitors, but most of the musicians who performed on it were primarily British acts.
-Most of the people who performed were allowed only 2 hits, usually an A and B side of their latest single and if you were a well known band like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, you got 4 numbers.
-Audience participation was a massive feature of the show, and also the Spin-A-Disc section where a guest DJ and 3 teens reviewed 3 singles. It was usually American singles being reviewed, and hardly any British singles being reviewed.
-On December 4, 1962, The Beatles had their 2nd national performance on this show.
-On June 25, 1966, the show ended, after 2,000 artists had performed on the show.

Looks like Mick is getting his hair done, :D and also waving it looks like

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