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Monday, December 12, 2011



-Musician who is capable of playing the drums, but is not limited to playing drums

-Drummers played a key role in military battles. The drum beats provided steady marching pace and elevated troop mood on battlefield
-Drummers are no longer employed in battle, but their duties do continue off the battlefield.

-In parades, they often wear uniforms that look like the military and have fancy hats, or more recently, drummers in parades will wear clothing that have an African, Asian, Latin, Native American or tribal look to them.

Pop Culture
-On stages, drummers will almost always be seen pounding away on large sets of drums and sometimes, they may not even be seen on stage because the drums may be bigger than they are.

-Dave Abbruzzese: Pearl Jam
-Daniel Adair: Nickelback
-Steven Adler: Guns N Roses
-Rick Allen: Def Leppard
-Eric Carr: KISS
-Tre Cool: Green Day
-Dominic Howard: Muse
-Steve Jordan: X-Pensive Winos(Band with Keith Richards)
-Joey Kramer: Aerosmith
-Keith Moon: The Who
-Larry Mullen Jr. (U2)
-Rikki Rockett: Poison
-Deen Castronovo: Journey
-Zak Starkey: The Who
-Ringo Starr: The Beatles
-Roger Andrew Taylor: Duran Duran
-Charlie Watts: The Rolling Stones

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