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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served?
-British TV show that ran from 1972-1985
-Sset in the ladies department and gentleman's department of Grace Brothers, a large, fictitious department store in London.
-Written by Jeremy Lloyd, David Croft
-Came in at #20 on Britain's Best Sitcom

This is one of my mom's favorite TV shows

Main Characters

Mrs. Betty Slocombe
-Mollie Sudgen
-Head of the ladies department
-She is known for her frequent hair color changes.
-Makes some suggestive jokes, when talking about her cat.
Mr. Wilberforce Claybourne Humphries
-John Inman
-Effeminate, man who lives with his mother
Captain Stephen Peacock
-Frank Thornton
-Haughty floorwalker who fought in the North Africa campaign of WWII, but was actually in Service Corps
Miss Shirley Brahms
-Wendy Richard
-Young, attractive, working-class Cockney-speaking jr. assistant to Mrs. Slocombe
Mr. Ernest Granger
-Arthur Brough
-Easily confused department manager
Mr. Dick Lucas
-Trevor Bannister
-Young, penniless, womanising jr. salesman
Young Mr. Grace
-Harold Bennett
-very old, rich, stingy store owner
Old Mr. Grace
-Kenneth Waller
-Older brother to young Mr. Grace
Mr. Beverly Harman and Mr. Mash
-Arthur English
-Maintenance men who installed mechanised display units in store
-Often yelled at by Mr. Peacock for being on the store floors during store hours
Mr. Percival Tebbs
-James Hayter
-Mr. Grainger's replacement.
Mr. Harry Goldberg
-Alfie Bass
-Mr. Tebb's replacement
Mr. Grossman
-Milo Sperber
-Expert shoe salesman, who replaced Mr. Goldberg as head of men's department
Mr. Klein
-Benny Lee
-Head of men's department after Mr. Grossman

Mr. Bert Spooner
-Mike Berry
-Replaced Mr. Lucas and was similar to him.

-During it's run, the show attracted some mild criticism for it's use of sexual stereotypes and jokes about sexual related topics. Also the show exhibited some bad stereotypes of people from England, such as Mr. Humphries' sexuality, people could percieve that as being gay and assume that most British men are gay

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  1. About the Top Gear post. Your post didn't sound like you were talking bad about Top Gear U.S. I thought the post was great! :) My favorite episode of Top Gear U.K. is when they went though Alabama and the other southern states and my favorite U.S. one is the thrid episode when they took the moonshine. :)