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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

28 Days Later

28 Days Later
-Animal activists break into a lab that's using chimpanzees for experimentation. These chimps are undergoing an experiment that involves a virus, an almost berserker rage-causing virus. the scientist pleas with them to keep the cages locked, but they do not listen and release the chimps. Like the title of the movie, 28 days later, the main character, Jim, wakes up in a hospital room, from a coma. He discovers the hospital is abandoned and that much of London is deserted, without a living soul to be found. When he finds a local church has been overrun with zombie-like human beings, he runs into a woman named Selena and a man named Mark, who bring him up to speed on the carnage and horror that has caused London to tear itself apart, limb by limb

-Naomie Harris: Selena
-Alex Palmer: Activist
-Cillian Murphy: Jim
-Toby Sedgwick: Infected Priest
-Noah Huntley: Mark
-Brendan Gleeson: Frank
-Luke Mably: Private Clifton
-Stuart McQuarrie: Sgt. Farrell
-Ricci Harnett: Corp. Mitchell
-Christopher Eccleston: Major Henry West
-Ray Panthaki: Private Bedford
-Leo Bill: Private Jones
-Marvin Campbell: Private Mailer

Did You Know?
-For the London scenes, local police would close the roads at 4 pm, and filming would start. After 1 hour, the police reopened the roads and it made some of the people driving very angry that they were told they would either have to find another way home or wait for 1 hour
-The hospital in the movie is a real hospital. It's only open during the week. The productions and money made from the movie went directly into the hospital's trust fund
-For the highway scenes, the production crew had special permission to film on the M1, the major highway in Britain, on Sunday mornings between 7:00 and 9:00 am. The police were able to slow traffic and using 10 cameras, the crew got one minute of footage
-Christopher Eccleston, who played a British army soldier, spent 3 days training with real soldiers to learn how to carry himself as a proper soldier would
-Robert Carlyle was offered the role of Major Henry West
-The symbol used for this movie is the international sign for blood-born biohazard, seen in almost every hospital in the world
-In the movie they said it was 27 miles to Manchester. If you really traveled 27 miles northeast of Manchester, you'd be in the small town of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
-Alex Garland and Danny Boyle thought the idea of zombies eating brains was overused. Instead, they decided to use the original idea behind zombie movies: nuclear power and its after-effects. They discovered that the biggest fear society has is disease, especially viral catastrophe, such as Ebola or Marburg. They were specifically inspired by such incidents as anthrax or bio-terrorism scares in London and the spread of mad-cow disease or foot-and-mouth disease in the UK
-Also, they stepped away from the traditional zombie movies, which have some sort of virus affecting them physically. This time, in this movie, it affects them psychologically, literally turning one person against the other
-The 'symptoms' of Rage in here were based off the Ebola virus. Like Ebola, it was transmitted through blood. Ebola, for those unfamiliar with its grim history, is a hemorrhagic fever disease which leads to rash, red eyes, both internal and external bleeding
-The scene where Jim, Mark and Selena get shelter from the explosion is based on a photo of a bomb blast in Northern Ireland Danny Boyle had seen
-The scene where Jim saw the dead mother holding her dead baby was based off another photo Danny Boyle had seen, this one of a mass of Kurd bodies after they'd been gassed

-The nude scenes Cillian Murphy did were on a closed set, at his insistence
-In the video for LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem", the movie is spoofed

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