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Friday, April 5, 2013

Beautiful Women: Marianne Jean-Baptiste

I think this actress is very beautiful

Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Birth name: Marianne Raigipcien Jean-Baptiste
DOB: April 26, 1967
Where: London, England
Height: 5'1''

-Evan Williams (1997-present) 1 child

-Her husband, Evan, is a ballet dancer
-In 1996, she became a star overnight following the success of Secrets & Lies, becoming the first black British actress nominated for an Oscar
-Recorded an album of blues songs
-In 1997, the year the establishment of the NAACP Image Awards, she was the first black actress to fail to win for an Oscar nominated role
I gotta put this in here. It's kinda funny, yet kinda true! Read the below caption
Personal Quotes
"The old men running the industry just have not got a clue...Britain is no longer totally a white place where people ride horses, wear long frocks and drink tea. The national dish is no longer fish and chips, it's curry.

Known For
Cracker (British TV series)
-Marcia Reid
Secrets & Lies
-Hortense Cumberbatch
New Year's Day
The Cell
-Dr. Miriam Kent
Spy Game
-Gladys Jennip
Without a Trace
-Vivian Johnson
Sons of Anarchy

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