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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Songs with Secret Guests

Curious if musicians sing on other musicians' songs? Here's where you can find out?

You're So Vain
-Carly Simon feat. Mick Jagger
-Well, as if this weren't obvious. When you listen to that song, it's pretty clear to even the untrained musical ear that it's Jagger's Cockney accented voice singing away "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you". For years and years, it's been thought that Jagger was the secret mystery "vain" man in the song. The only clue Simon will give is that there is an "e" in the mystery man's name
Leave a Light On
-Belinda Carlisle feat. George Harrison
-On the 1989 hit, George plays a little guitar because he liked Carlisle's voice
Minute to Minute
-Michael McDonald feat. Michael Jackson
-It's noted that the King of Pop lent backup vocals to songs like this, "What a Fool Believes" "Here to Love You"
Beat It
-Michael Jackson feat. Eddie Van Halen
-Yeah, it sounds like you wouldn't believe it. But it did happen. When all members of VH were out of town, in the era before cell phones, Eddie Van Halen took some time to record some guitar riffs for free. He thought no one would know it's him playing guitar on that song. It ended up making Record of the Year and everyone found out EVH played on it

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