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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Book Review: It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Murder

This is a book I found by accident. It takes place in my favorite decade of all time: the 1960s!! Specifically, America during the big "British Invasion" of the 1960s
Written by Rosemary Martin, It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Murder tells the story of Bebe Bennett, a woman from Richmond, Virginia, who works as secretary for Rip City Records, a fictitious music studio in New York City. Her manager, Bradley Williams, has just signed British rock band Philip Royal & the Beefeaters, a British band similar to The Beatles. She currently lives with Darlene Roland, a stewardess for an airline

Darlene has already familiarized herself with the lead singer of the band, Philip Royal, especially after she and him made themselves members of the Mile High Club. One day, when her and Bebe are supposed to double date with guys in the band, they go and find Philip murdered in his hotel room. He is found naked in a tub of water with his electric guitar in it and lyrics to one his songs, "Get Out of My Way" written on the wall.

Bebe and her friend Darlene are immediately considered suspects by Det. Finelli and Darlene is thus grounded from flying until this case is resolved. As they investigate, they meet other members of the band. Like Reggie Jones, the bassist, who unknown to all, is a father to a young boy with a wife. Keith Michaels, a guitarist, who is discovered to have a bit of a drinking problem and hot temper. Peter, the drummer, who has countless tie tacks he wears, which in his words "Ringo's got the rings, I got the tie tacks. Everyone needs a gimmick".

As they continue to investigate, more suspects come up, including Patty Gentry, a British reporter following the band, and a wannabe model named Astrid Loveday, who had previously dated Philip, but instead moved on to Peter so she could be close to him. The book finally ends with Bebe proving Darlene's innocence by proving that a member of Rip City Records named Vince Walsh was the one who killed him. The book ends with Darlene, Nigel, the band's manager and also member of the band, Reggie Jones, Keith Michaels, Peter, and Bebe checking out a new singer named Devon Woods, who's English, and also a man the band finally recruit for the new singer position

The book is full of cultural references and icons that were popular in that era. A lot of the references being in the 1960s, like references to musicians of that time, like Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Neil Diamond, etc. This book is perfect for any lover of 1960s culture, or 1960s Britain, like moi for example, lol!!!

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