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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy
Birth name: Edward Regan Murphy
DOB: April 3, 1961
Where: New York City, New York
Height: 5'9''

-His laugh
-His mustache
-Often plays more than one character in a movie

-Was cast by Saturday Night Live in 1980, when he was 19 years old
-Did stand up comedy at the Bay Area Comedy Club, along wit Robin Williams and Caryn Johnson, who'd later go on to be known as Whoopi Goldberg
-His father died when he was young. And he, his brother and stepbrother were raised by his mother, a telephone company employee and his stepdad, a foreman at Breyer's Ice Cream
-Turned down the role of Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbusters, which ended up instead going to Ernie Hudson
-Richard Pryor was his inspiration to go into stand up comedy
-Paid for the funeral of comic Redd Foxx
-Spike Lee criticized him for not using his star status to help black actors go into films
-He scored two major hits on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles for "Party All the Time" in 1985 and "Put Your Mouth on Me" in 1989. Love the song "Party All the Time"
-Huge fan of the original 1966 Star Trek series
-Does not smoke or drink; the only drug he takes is caffeine
-His father Charles was a transit police officer and also amateur stand up comedian who left Eddie when he was 3. Charles was stabbed and killed 5 years later
-Heavily influenced by Bill Cosby

Known For
Saturday Night Live
-Various characters. Buckwheat/Mr. Robinson/Stevie Wonder/Gumby

I can't look at this photo without bursting into hysterics!

Beverly Hills Cop series
-Det. Axel Foley

The Golden Child
-Chandler Jarrell
Coming to America
-Prince Akeem
Harlem Nights
Vampire in Brooklyn

-Mushu (voice)
-Kit Ramsey
Nutty Professor
-Sherman Klump/Buddy Love


Dr. Doolittle
-Dr. John Doolittle
-Officer Trey Sellars
Daddy Day Care
-Charlie Hinton

-James 'Thunder' Early

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