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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


-Capt. John Smith leads a group of English sailors and soldiers to the New World in search of land to settle. Along with him for the ride is Governor Ratcliffe, who wants to plunder all riches found for himself. Elsewhere, Chief Powhatan, has agreed to have his daughter Pocahontas marry the village warrior. When she sees a vision of a spinning arrow, it tells her change is coming and indeed it is. She soon falls for Smith, who is trying to prevent war from erupting between the soldiers and Indians


-Irene Bedard: Pocahontas (voice)
-Judy Kuhn: Pocahontas (singing voice)
-Mel Gibson: John Smith: (voice)
-David Ogden Stiers: Governor Ratcliffe/Wiggins (voice)
-John Kassir: Meeko (voice)
-Russell Means: Powhatan (voice)
-Christian Bale: Thomas (voice)
-Linda Hunt: Grandmother Willow (voice)
-Danny Mann: Percy (voice)
-Joe Baker: Lon (voice)
-Frank Welker: Flit (voice)
-Michelle St. John: Nakoma (voice)
-James Apaumut Fall: Kocoum (voice)
-Gordon Tootoosis: Kekata (voice)

Did You Know?
-The film's release date was June 23, 1995, on the 400th anniversary of actual Pocahontas' birth
-Rupert Everett, Patrick Stewart and Stephen Fry were considered for the role of Governor Ratcliffe

-In real life, Pocahontas would have been topless
-The first film to feature Mel Gibson singing
-In a quest for maximum authenticity, Disney went on a manhunt to find Native American actors and actresses. They also had Native American consultants and even a real shaman. But Russell Means, who provided the voice of Chief Powhatan, says this movie is the "single best representation of American Indians that Hollywood has ever done"
-One of the only Disney movies inspired by a true story, other than Mulan

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