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Friday, April 5, 2013

Sometimes Random Thoughts Are Dangerous!

Whenever I get random thoughts, they usually come about because of boredom. And man o man, does this one top them all! I usually don't watch reality shows, especially ones like Dancing with the Stars, mainly because they always have people on there I don't know who they are. But late one night, watching TV, and seeing a preview for DWTS, I came up with a very random, but probably very cool idea. What would it be like if they had rock musicians on there? Celebs and rock musicians, from all kinds of music? Can you imagine seeing someone like Sammy Hagar dancing ballroom dancing? That would be cool. I'd definitely watch it, lol.
Here are some of the people I'd like to see try Dancing with The Stars. I sure do have the strangest taste in musicians...

Sammy Hagar
-He's got to be a WAY BETTER replacement for Van Halen than David Lee Roth; God only knows why they brought that egocentric airhead back to the band
Paul McCartney
-IDK why, I just think it would be cool to see him try something like this
Steven Tyler
-'The Screamin' Demon' would definitely be an interesting one to see. Seeing as how he's a classically trained pianist, seeing him do the Tango or even ballroom dancing would be interesting, not to mention somewhat of a turn on :)
Dee Snider
-IDK why, he's just an interesting guy
Bret Michaels
-Definitely one of the cuter blondes of rock, I think it would be interesting to see him try this
Nikki Sixx
-Not your usual kind of rock star, seeing him do something like this would be out of the ordinary. Sometimes out of the ordinary is good. I sure do find the strangest guys cute...
Gavin Rossdale
-He's already done acting. Why not try dancing? OMG, I'd tango with him...
Billie Joe Armstrong
-For any Green Day lovers...
If there are any rock stars you think I may have forgotten, just add them in the comments section. I can always add them later, just to let you rest assured :D

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