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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


-Stanley Yelnats is a teen accused of stealing a pair of cleats belonging to a Major League baseball player. He is sent to Camp Green Lake, a detention camp in the middle of a dry desert lake bed. Since it never rains at Camp Green Lake, it's always hot. The mysterious, yet secretive Warden has each boy digging holes, to "build character" as she says. But her real intention is to find the treasure of legendary outlaw "Kissing" Kate Barlow

-Sigourney Weaver: Warden Walker
-Jon Voight: Marion Sevillo/ Mr. Sir
-Tim Blake Nelson: Dr. Pendanski
-Shia LaBeouf: Stanley Yelnats IV/Caveman
-Dule Hill: Sam the Onion Man
-Jake M. Smith: Alan/Squid
-Byron Cotton: Theodore: Armpit
-Khleo Thomas: Hector Zeroni/Zero
-Brenden Jefferson: Rex/X-Ray
-Miguel Castro: Jose/Magnet
-Max Kasch: Ricky/Zigzag
-Noah Poletiek: Brian/Twitch
-Zane Holtz: Lewis/Barfbag
-Steven Kozlowski: Lump
-Roma Maffia: Atty. Carla Morengo
-Siobhan Fallon: Stanley's mother
-Henry Winkler: Stanley Yelnats III
-Nathan Davis: Stanley's grandpa
-Eartha Kitt: Madame Zeroni
-Damien Luvara: Elya Yelnats
-Patricia Arquette: "Kissing" Kate Barlow

Did You Know?
-The animals in the movie referred to as Yellow Spotted Lizards are actually just Bearded Dragons with makeup and CGI fangs on them. They were provided through the Sandfire Dragon Ranch

-The "yellow spotted lizards" in the movie are not real. There are really only two actual venomous lizards in North America: the Gila Monster and the Mexican  bearded lizard
-Before shooting her role as "Kissing" Kate Barlow, Patricia Arquette had to learn how to ride a horse
-During the making of Holes, Khleo Thomas celebrated his Bar Mitzvah (coming of age for Jewish teens)

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