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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sister Act

Sister Act
-Delores Van Cartier is a Reno lounge singer who is witness to her mob boyfriend killing an employer. Under Witness Protection, she is hidden in a local convent. She quickly makes friends with the nuns there, Sister Mary Lazarus, Sister Mary Patrick. When Mother Superior catches them going to a bar late one night, she encourages Delores to go for the Choir. Mother Superior then finds that Delores is coaching the ladies and is turning them into swinging sisters. Soon, this is doing well for the local neighborhood, until her boyfriend finds her

-Whoopi Goldberg: Delores Van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence
-Maggie Smith: Mother Superior
-Kathy Najimy: Sister Mary Patrick
-Wendy Makkena: Sister Mary Robert
-Mary Wickes: Sister Mary Lazarus
-Harvey Keitel: Vince LaRocca
-Bill Nunn: Lt. Eddie Souther

Did You Know?
-The Reno Police Station that is shown in the movie is actually the main post office in downtown Reno
-Beth Fowler's debut film
-The Rolling Stones cover shown during the credits is real
-One of the neighborhood girls is played by Desreta Jackson, who played the young version of Celie, Whoopi Goldberg's character in The Color Purple

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