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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Top 10 Successful Lineup Changes

It's not surprising to know that your favorite bands will eventually change lineups. Do to losing a member to death, or leaving, it's unstoppable. But, sometimes change is for the better

Here are the Top 10 Most Successful Lineup Changes
Deep Purple
-It's said that they should have just put a revolving door on their tour bus, with all the changes in lineup they had. During their initial run, from 1968-1976, they went through four lineup changes. With each change, came another completely different sound. It started in the late 60s with a progressive rock sound with Rod Evans, to being the pioneers of proto-metal with Ian Gillan, to hard rock featuring future Whitesnake front man David Coverdale

-In less than a year of them starting, founding members James Honeyman-Scott, who played guitar, and Peter Farndon, who played bass, died from drug-related deaths. Front woman Chrissie Hynde was determined to move on, hiring guitarist Robbie McIntosh

Small Faces/Faces
-When the singer of your band leaves, simply hire another one. When Steve Marriott left the Small Faces in the lurch with out a singer to form Humble Pie with Peter Frampton, former Jeff Beck Group members Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart joined up, Wood on guitar and Stewart on vocals

The Yardbirds
-This band had 3 legendary guitarists as early members. Such as now Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, rock guitar legend Eric Clapton and musician Jeff Beck.

Fleetwood Mac
-Started in the late '60s, with Peter Helm at the front, singing. When he spiraled into mental illness, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie stepped up to take hold the reigns of the band. In 1971, John's wife Christine

Van Halen
-At the height of their popularity, Van Halen just couldn't keep it together. David Lee Roth, due to his ego growing immensely, thought he could cut it as a solo singer. This had him doing only a couple albums or so. But when newbie Sammy Hagar joined and started doing songs, the band found itself gaining popularity again

Pink Floyd
-These guys got their start in the late 1960s, making psychedelic rock with the mastermind of the band, Syd Barrett. When Syd started having his mental issues and finally a mental breakdown, other members, including David Gilmour, took over

Allman Brothers
-In 1974, when founding member Duane Allman died in a motorcycle crash, it's sometimes hard to go on. But his brother Gregg Allman and guitarist Dickey Betts made it happen.

-Even though they lost front man Bon Scott in 1980, these guys don't skip a beat. Angus Young and the rest of them continued on, even finding a guy who could send his vocals wailing exactly like Scott, and who strangely enough sounds EXACTLY like Bon Scott when singing
The Rolling Stones
-It's an age old joke, that after nuclear fallout, the only things that will have survived it are cockroaches and Keith Richards. This hard rocker is the ultimate rock survivor, and so are The Stones, who have endured dozens of changes in lineup. Brian Jones, who formed the band, named it and created the bluesy rock sound, was the first to leave the band, in a coffin that is. Then along came Mick Taylor, the new young gun to group. After tiring of the same old grind, Taylor left and in came "The New Kid", Ronnie Wood. Ever since he stepped up to bat, he's somehow managed to connect with Keith's guitar playing

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