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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bizarre Tour Rider Wants

For those familiar with rock or music history in general, you'll probably know that a "tour rider" is a list of things that a rock band will want/need, like towels for showering afterwards, food, drinks, etc. Check out some of these bizarre tour rider requests

Guns N' Roses
-Porn was their major one. Also, Italian food, such as angel hair pasta, pasta primavera, pizza

Peter Gabriel
-Women. He wanted women to give him a personal, one-on-one massage

Rolling Stones
-During the band's 1997/1998 tour for their album Bridges to Babylon, the band wanted "two smartly dressed, well groomed hostesses at each stop". Also, there was to be a required snooker table, which had to have a separate set of balls brought by the player, not to be confused with American-style billiards
Beach Boys
-They wanted lighters, just not in the color green

Paul McCartney
-No trees added for atmosphere. But tall, leafy plants are acceptable. Lilies, freesia plants, and various kinds of flowers are also accepted
Sammy Hagar
-While this guy is known for his tequila, he sometimes likes wine, along with Gatorade, Mexican beer, Coke, 7-Up, Dr. Pepper and spring water

-Depending on the day of the week, alcohol is their rush. For example, on Mondays it's Meyers Dark Rum, Tuesday it's Chivas Regal, Wednesday it's Martell Cordon Bleu cognac, Thursday it's Tanqueray Gin and 12 cans of tonic water, Friday it's Glenlivet single malt scotch, Saturday it's Stolichnaya or Moskovskaya Vodka and Sunday it's Courvoisier Napoleon cognac
Cheap Trick
-Stage sizes for this one. They want a professional sized stage, no less than 40' wide and 40' deep and 4'-5' high off the ground

The Who
-The Who are as English as you can get. As these guys' tour rider, they wanted everything English, breakfast, chamomile tea with milk, coffee, orange juice, Evian water, and of course, alcohol
Van Halen
-The most notorious one of all was in 1982. In the dressing room, have M&Ms, all of them except the brown ones. Along with a tube of KY Jelly

Ozzy Osbourne
-In 1999, when Ozzy was touring with Pantera and Deftones, he had various little wants and needs to keep his health going strong. He wanted three oxygen tanks, an ear, nose and throat doctor, and for the doctor to do a B-12 shot for energy, and do a Decadron shot for anti-inflammatory uses

Red Hot Chili Peppers
-These guys are all about meditation. Their tour rider requested aromatherapy candles, a small carpeted room for meditation, fresh ginger root, fresh papaya juice, and 24 one-liter bottles of still "glacier water" from Australia or Hawaii. And this was all for maintaining spiritual balance

Motley Crue
-Strange and stranger. Their requests included a 12 foot long boa constrictor, a jar of creamy peanut butter, a sub-machine gun, a jar of mustard

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