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Monday, April 15, 2013

Heavy Weights

Heavy Weights
-Gerald 'Gerry' Garner is an 11 year old who lives in Long Island, New York. He's overweight, and his parents, Maury and Mrs. Maury Garner, send him to Camp Hope, a camp for overweight boys. Harvey Bushkin is the kindly owner of the camp, along with his equally kindly wife Alice Bushkin. When they have to file for bankruptcy, the camp is sold and taken over by a crazy, health-obsessed wackjob named Tony Perkis. He intends to get the campers to lose as much weight as possible, so he can use this information in one of his commercials for slimming down. And on top of all that, the annual Apache Relay is coming up, and their rival is Camp MVP

-David Goldman: Nicholas
-Joseph Wayne Miller: Sam
-Cody Burger: Cody
-Allen Covert: Kenny
-Tim Blake Nelson: Roger Johnson
-Nancy Ringham: Mrs. Maury Garner
-Tom McGowan: Pat Finley
-Aaron Schwartz: Gerald 'Gerry' Garner
-Shaun Weiss: Josh Burnbalm
-Tom Hodges: Lars
-Leah Lail: Julie
-Paul Feig: Tim
-Kenan Thompson: Roy
-Jeffrey Tambor: Maury Garner
-Ben Stiller: Tony Perkis

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