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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tattoo Misconceptions

Everyone has this idea that only certain types of people get tattoos. One of the more common misconceptions about people with tattoos is ignorance, unemployment, criminal backgrounds, etc.

Here are some common misconceptions about tattoos

1. Expectation: They are sexually promiscuous. Reality: tattoos don't mean desire for sex
-This presents a major problem for tattooed people, especially tattooed women. Nowadays, tattoos are becoming more and more popular, especially with women. Some people think that women with tattoos with be sexually promiscuous. Tattoos are not invitations for unwanted sexual advances and NEVER NEVER touch someone's tattoo with out permission. It's just rude and wrong!

2. Expectation: They don't think about the future. Reality: They adore living in the moment
-One of the most common questions asked to tattooed people is "Won't you worry about when you get old what your tattoo will look like?" or something along those lines. Yes, they're definitely aware of that old age truck eventually hitting them, but they don't care; they have tattoos to remind them of how awesome they were when they were younger

3. Expectation: All tattooed people are drug addicts. Reality: Tattoos don't equal up to drug addiction
-Just because someone is inked does not mean they have a criminal background. It's the ones who have tattoos and commit crimes that give people this idea

4. Expectation: They're in gangs. Reality: Not all tattoos are gang tattoos
-While a lot of tattoos do revolve around gang tattoos, most of the time tattoos represent something about that person, something with a deep personal meaning or connection

5. Expectation: Tattooed people are uneducated. Reality: People with tattoos are highly intelligent and creative thinkers
-People with tattoos tend to be more creative than those who aren't inked sometimes. Sometimes people with tattoos can think outside the box

6. Expectation: Tattoos equal unemployment. He was unemployed because of his ink. Reality: It doesn't matter the career
-This is one that really burns me up. People think that only bikers and wrestlers or athletes are the only ones with ink. But the thing is, anyone can have a tattoo. Your doctor, your physical therapist, your teacher, your boss, etc.

7. Expectation: They set a bad example for their kids. Reality: They teach their kids how to love themselves and express themselves
-Tattoos can mean a whole lot of things. Parents with tattoos are often accused of getting their kids hooked on drugs. But tattooed parents often teach their kids that it is okay to express themselves however they see fit. And if they want to express themselves through tattoos, then by all means go for it, grab the bull by the horns and run with it.

8. Expectation: Tattooed people are mean. Reality: Tattooed people are kind and friendly.
-It really doesn't matter if a person has tattoos or not. Anyone can be mean and unfriendly or kind and friendly, tattoos or not. It just depends on how you treat that person

9. Expectation: They're obsessed with death. Reality: They know how to embrace life
-Just because someone is into tattoos, they are not going full on, gung-ho Goth. They won't be listening to heavy death metal, etc. Most people choose to get tattoos that have a deep meaning to them that only they understand. They might even get a tattoo to represent someone special in their lives

10. Expectation: Tattooed people are criminals. Reality: Tattooed people obey the law
-It's the people who have tattoos and break the law that sets this stereotype

11. Expectation: People with tattoos want attention. Reality: People with tattoos want privacy just like everyone else.
-People ASSUME (notice how this kind of stuff is like stereotyping) that people with tattoos are to be stared at like Bigfoot in a museum, lol. Getting stared at is not a reason for getting inked

12. Expectation: They waste all their money on tattoos. Reality: They spend their money how they see fit
-Just because someone spends their money on tattoos don't mean anything. To them, getting tattoos is like people investing in stocks and bonds. Tattooed people are making a worthy investment-tattoos, tattoos and guess what? More tattoos, lol.

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