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Friday, May 23, 2014

Joe Perry tells his side of the Aerosmith story

Joe Perry tells his side of how Aerosmith was born
According to Joe Perry, the story of "Boston's Bad Boys" have yet to be told. And it will, come Oct. 7, when Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith releases

Perry has this to say "I’ve wanted to write one for a while. But Joey [Kramer] put his book out [in 2009] and I wanted to leave some room there and then Steven [Tyler] put his book out [in 2011]. I didn’t want to make it seem like mine was an answer to his, so I waited a little longer."

He calls the frontman's book, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? "definitely Steven’s truth. allowed to perceive things how he perceives things. He can write his book any way he wants. But I didn’t agree with a lot of the things he said. I know he worked hard on it, but it’s got a totally different tenor and energy than my book. Mine tends to be a little more traditional. It’s an autobiography in the real classic sense. I just hope Steven accepts the things I say about how I felt and how I saw things happen."

As for the band's 1980s-era reunion "Not a lot of truth has come out about the last 20 years of the band,” he says. “We all know about the ’70s and the VH1 ‘Behind the Music’ bulls— and getting the band back together, which itself is a small miracle. After that, it kind of drops off."

He even dismisses the 1997 book Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith because he says their then manager went behind their back and wrote it

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