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Friday, December 26, 2014

Ultimate Classic Rock's 2014 Stories of the Year

If you are unfamiliar with this site name, this is where I usually get rock and metal music inspired posts, like the one recently about Paul Stanley of KISS saying playing the Phantom of the Opera had a life changing impact on him. Well since it's getting towards the end of the year, let's count down the top rock related stories of the year
Pink Floyd returns
-The remaining members of Pink Floyd- singer/guitarist David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason- made a new album: The Endless River

Malcolm Young is diagnosed with dementia
-This is a massive blow to all AC/DC fans when they hear their rhythm guitarist has been diagnosed with dementia. Replacing him on guitar was Malcolm and Angus Young's nephew Stevie Young, who played with the band on their newly released Rock or Bust album
Allman Brothers Band retires
-This is shocking. I actually thought this band would still keep going. 45 years and going strong. They decided to call it quits after 45 years, various lineup changes and miles on the road
Rock is Dead?
You're probably curious about this. KISS bass player Gene Simmons had started trouble. As usual. By opening his big mouth and spouting his opinion that rock is most certainly dead. This created a hailstorm of arguments from various musicians, such as Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters and Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, all of whom think rock is not dead, just a tad different now that technology for making music is more readily available. Other musicians such as former KISS members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry chimed in on this topic

Motley Crue's Final Tour
-Yes, it's sad to believe, but the Los Angeles bad boys announced their final tour. Completing their press conference was a hearse playing "Dr. Feelgood" and tombstones with their names on it
KISS inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
-Some would be highly upset to know that it took them over 25 years to get in and now they're finally in. There was a lot of complaining as to why it was just the original members and not the current ones as well, along with why the band did not perform live
Phil Rudd arrested
-The AC/DC drummer was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill two people. Is this guy insane?
Ted Nugent slamming the President
-As usual, this idiot is running that hole in his head he calls a mouth. He stooped as low as calling the President a "subhuman mongrel". Of course, the action resulted in canceled concerts
Steve Perry returns to the stage
-He took the stage and started singing songs by his old band Journey

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