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Thursday, December 4, 2014

December birthdays

Since it's December, time to say Happy Birthday to the following people

Gabriel Jagger
-Birth name: Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger
-DOB: 1997
-Where: New York
-His siblings include Georgia May Jagger, Elizabeth Jagger and James Jagger
He's the one on the left, with black hair. Wow, he's handsome
Lucy Liu
-Birth name: Lucy Alexis Liu
-DOB: 12/02/1968
-Where: Queens, New York
-Did not learn English until age 5, due to her family speaking Mandarin Chinese
Ozzy Osbourne
-Birth name: John Michael Osbourne
-DOB: 12/03/1948
-Known as: The Prince of Darkness, The Godfather of Heavy Metal, The Madman
-Where: Aston, Birmingham, England
-Said he couldn't sleep with Sharon for nine months after finding out she had colon cancer. He worried she would have died in the middle of the night and he'd wake up alone. (Oh wow, how sad is that? That's some true love there!)
These two are still together after all these years. That's what true love is. Such a beautiful couple :D
Simon Helberg
-Birth name: Simon Maxwell Helberg
-DOB: 12/09/1980
-Where: Los Angeles, California
-Obtained a black belt in karate at age 9
Peter Criss
-Birth name: Peter George John Criscoula
-DOB: 12/20/1945
-Where: Brooklyn, New York
-Sued the National Enquirer in 1995 for stating he was a homeless drunk living on the beach in Santa Monica
Denzel Washington
-Birth name: Denzel Hayes Washington Jr.
-DOB: 12/28/1954
-Where: Mount Vernon, New York
-Frequently works with director Spike Lee

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