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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"You Had One Job"

Ever hear this? Sometimes, no matter what, we can still mess up something. And then you hear "you had one job". To make you laugh, here are some examples of "you had one job" gone wrong!! WARNING: you will be laughing until you wet yourself!!!

Mourning News
-Talk about an epic fail. Someone screwed up somewhere! Hopefully his name is not "Name Here"
Burgerless King
-It's called Burger King for a reason. It seems to be missing that reason
Looks great, but one problem...
-Yeah, looks great. But one problem. How are you getting candy out of this???
Double Down
-Maybe the elevator installer who did this is dyslexic or something?
Long yellow things
-This must be the scientific names for bananas
-Hmm, it's called Panda Garden, yet I see a koala. Well, this restaurant must have all the koala-fications for a good restaurant
Put the Lime in the Lemon Box and Mix Them Both Up
-Put them together and try to make homemade Sprite
What a flashy cake
-Some people can be too literal
Taco Bell, you've screwed up again
-Seriously? no meat?
How to mess up a job like a pro
-I see something wrong with this picture...
Denied to a stairwell
-You've been...denied!
Non no dairy
-Either label makers don't work or the makers of this don't know what dairy is
Walmart Clothes are always priceless
-Ahh, Walmart. The one store where you can get clothes that are stained with typos
Frie Men
-Do frie men look like giant French fries?
One Scoop, Epic Fail
-Grab life by the top of the cone
-This toilet seat is having a bad day...
System Malfunction
-Unless you're a magician, you'll be at it all night trying to figure a way to make these two work
Stay in shcool
-See? School is cool, hahahahahahaha!
Nalds McDo
-This might McDonald's Halloween disguise to keep away the Hamburglar
-This should be interesting...
Park anywhere
-And the property owner wonders why this lot is empty?
Not so grate parmesan
-Kinda hard to grate through plastic
Advertising gone bad
-Wow, didn't know Adidas and Nike were merging!
Put It There .com
-what's the website again?
-Must be a new merger between Coke and Fanta
Burger Dog
-Gives new meaning to "Hot Cross Buns"
"It Seemed like a good idea at the time"
-The instructions were backwards
At least they bounce
-Either this person loves soccer or they can't read directions. Or they just gave up and said "at least they bounce"
Emergency staircase
-In case of emergency...try and hope to God you can jump and grab on to the stairs
Ooops...missed a spot!
-Someone needs to practice their Jenga skills
-Gives new meaning to the phrase "kiss my butt!"
Lines a little blurry?
-You know it's been a hard day when even the road lines are messed up
Soda fight!
-This guy is deep undercover!
Assassins Creed goes Hero!
-Must be a new power up. Beat enemies with the power of a guitar!
Sign language
-Is it supposed to say "stop" or "high five"
Lollipops lick-ety split
-Wow, Ring Pops that look like Dum-Dum Pops? Nice. Gotta get me some of those! Although dipping my hand is slobber-covered candy? Maybe not...
23nd Annual Messup
-Whatever this event is for, it's probably not mathletes or Mensa
Talk about "Awkward"
-It's already awkward enough when guys are using the urinals. This takes it to a whole new level
New Angles
-This stair banister must be for victims of a shrink ray
Milk that's gone to the Dark Side...and it don't have cookies!
-Usually common sense dictates that when milk is past the expiration date, get rid of it!
Stop Smoking? [snickering] in your dreams
-If you're trying to stop smoking, this section is not for you, at least in whatever store this is!
Advertising gone wrong...again!
-Blueberry muffins are not supposed to be literal! Come on!
Size really does matter
-This gate keeps out all manner of furry/fuzzy woodland wildlife, but not people
The newest member of the Avengers
-Buzz Lightyear? He must have finally gone to infinity and beyond!
Don't forget the Avocado
-It's really sad when you have to actually write "Avocado" on the menu, because some idiot will forget it!
This isn't Midfield
-Whoever did the logo for the field don't know their football terms
What the fork?
-Maybe if I buy a box of spoons, I will get 100 forks
Funny Bunnies
-Wow, bunnies must be in their Halloween costumes. They all look like ferrets
Pail Fail
-Must be a color blind person at work!
Just Say Cheese
-Well, this cook didn't last long...
Munchie Mixups
-There could be so many jokes about this, but they would be cheesy
-Either the person who made this sign can't spell or that place is now closed for repairs
-Must be some new hybrid breed of watermelon and corn
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
-This is an epic fail for the cable guide programmer
Stacks upon Stacks upon Stacks
-Illiteracy: the new epidemic sweeping America
3st Place
-Thirst place? Got a solution for that! Gatorade! ASAP!
Unfortunate Cookie
-This cookie isn't so fortunate after all
Olympic Rings
-Usually when someone says this, they usually mean the logo, not literally the words!
Dental SNAFU
-How am I supposed to find a toothbrush now?
The Dark Knight of Steel
-I didn't know Batman and Superman teamed up!
New Hybrid Strawberries
-These strawberries taste funny. They taste kinda like grapes!
Follow the arrow...
-...right into that pole!
No sprinkles?
-Screw graduation! I just want sprinkles!
Great Value? I doubt it!
-there's a great new type of tomato. It's orange and tastes like peaches!
Choose wisely
-The 9 is an upside down 6, the mute button is really the Volume Up button, this remote's a wreck!
Red Hot Paper
-Someone sure don't know how to spell...
This Sign is trying to kill people
-Somewhere out there is someone messing with the highway sign controls and laughing their butts off!
No power?
-They must be there for decoration
Baby formula...for adults
-Somewhere out there parents are getting answered prayers. Either that or they made new baby bottles for adults
Soft and fluffy pillows?
-Those don't look so soft to me. Maybe for a hobo
-And that's the way the cookie crumbles
Insert Caption Here
-Power to the people!
A Little Too Literal
-Obviously there was a spelling error with "Arabic" in red!
The Confused Door
-It's so confused. The door don't know if he wants to be an exit or entrance
Jurassic Mistake
-Someone messed up here
Santa on the outside...
-...but bunny on the inside
The Wrong Type of Star
-Someone is either trying to A.) offend Jewish people or Christians or B.) don't know their holidays! Doesn't the person who packaged this know that Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah? it's like Christmas for Jewish people :)
Oh, Oh, Oh Santa
-Wow, someone don't know their Santa history, do they?
A Bad Sign
-With the signs half right, the store is half off
-Must be a new type of jam or yam
What the Flick?
-We know what lights do, duh!
Merry Christmas?
-Misspelling: the new epidemic that's sweeping America
Eyes are the windows to the soul
-Not in this case, they're not
Strange Dogs
-Someone don't know their animals
Broken Promises (literally)
-That should be interesting to put on the tree...
Winter footwear
-Yeah! Maybe in Hawaii or Australia!
Christmas Bargain
-Get it now before it goes back up!
Christmas Merry
-Aww, someone likes to greet all the seasons, no matter which one
Ball of Bulbs
-It's going to look so pretty when it's lit up!

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