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The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, December 29, 2014


I know it's a little late for anything Christmas related, but I just wanted to do a post telling about my Christmas holidays. Thankfully, they went good this year. Before the holidays, everything that could go wrong did! My mom lost her job, which had her really bummed out, but then her luck turned around when she was able to get hired on as a temp worker for First Financial Bank, thank God she has a job again. And unfortunately, my sister got into a little trouble with the law. After going out with some friends to a local bar, I'm willing to be you can see where this is going, she had two beers and two shots, big mistake!! She drove home and around 3am, I thought I was dreaming because I heard the phone ring. I thought "who could that be?" but then again, I thought I was dreaming. My stepdad, who was in the living room asleep, answered, only to find out it was the Symmes Township Sheriff. My sister had been arrested for OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence for those who are curious). Man, when it rains, it really pours, doesn't it? My mom seems to think the people she went with, two friends of hers from work named Carrie and Lou, set her up because they knew she had further to drive home than they did and that they were jealous of her getting Employee of the Month twice in a row. Everyone seems to be jealous of her getting that award. She works hard, harder than some people, so I think she's right to deserve such an accomplishment. Thankfully, everything is turning around. The only thing that saved my sister from getting some serious jail time was the breathalyzer was broken. But has specific driving privileges- she can only drive to and from work. Her license has been suspended for 3 months and most likely, I'll be doing the driving to Rock on the Range. It doesn't bother me- I need the practice anyway. Thank God everything has turned around. and I'm really hoping AC/DC agrees to play there, along with Black Sabbath, provided that Tony Iommi is cleared of his cancer. That would be good. I'd rather have him clear of his cancer then play. So all can be good. But, man I really hope they agree to play. That would be mind blowing! Seeing two of my favorite metal bands together in the same weekend? [Mind blown]. And if AC/DC agrees to play there too? Totally epic!!!!!!!!!! That would knock out 3 artists I want to see in concert- all in the same weekend!!!!

And luckily for me, I was able to get all my shopping done months ahead of Christmas. I'm going to start doing that. Start collecting ideas for what people want for the holidays and start it ahead of time so that when it nears the holidays, I just wrap them and be done :D Such a smart idea, lol!!

And as for the new year, I already have a calendar for both work and home. My new calendar for my bedroom is of Kiss. And my work calendar is Black Sabbath. Kinda strange I have Geezer Butler for October. Oh well, he's awesome anyway. And what's even more strange is there is a guy I ride the bus home from work with who could easily pass as a twin of Geezer Butler. He started talking to me out of the blue one day and somehow comprehension kicks in. He must have started talking to me because maybe he seen me reading a book about Tony Iommi or Ozzy Osbourne and maybe figured I was a Sabbath fan? idk. The guy's nice though.

As for Christmas, like every year, we always get cool stuff. Also every year, we only get a few things, but that's good for me- I never want a lot anyway. I'm glad I'm grateful for what little I get :D. Here are some of the things I got:

Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith: Joe Perry
Dancing with Myself: Billy Idol. One of my aunt Patty's friends seen her buying that and when she told her that it was for her niece, her friend Barb remarked "Isn't he kind of old for her?" she must thought I thought he was cute or something. Thankfully my aunt told her that I liked old rock musicians, that their music was good
Kiss Love Gun car seat cover
Clothes. Thank God. I can always use new clothes
Visa gift card. I get these every year and they usually don't make it long into the new year because I always find something I like
Jewelry. Noting major. Just some earrings and a few necklaces
Ticket stub book. This is for putting tickets to major events in, like a photo album for tickets, i.e. concerts!
Peace sign sheets. Now I can hippie-fy my room, moooohahahahhaahaha!!

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