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Saturday, January 2, 2016

For all the Motorhead fans out there...

I'm sure the title will catch your attention, especially if you are a Motorhead fan. If you've seen the news recently, you'll quickly find that Ian Fraser Kilmister, better known to the world as 'Lemmy' Kilmister, has passed. When I heard about this, I couldn't believe it. When I read the stories concerning his death, I almost burst into tears. Even though I don't listen to Motorhead, it makes me sad because I know people who do listen to these guys and it feels like the world just got a little colder, with the loss of another good person.

There was no way you could hate him. He never did anything wrong. He was a major charmer with the ladies, which I find awesome. He loved his Jack and Coke, which, I find cool. In a way, I guess I'm showing my support for Lemmy by drinking what he drinks. I propose a toast for Lemmy. The world may have lost you, but the angels now have gained you. Give the angels something to really rock out too. This goes for Motorhead's drummer, Phil Taylor as well. Give the angels some real headbangin' stuff!!
Despite not being considered handsome by most, I really like this picture of him. He's handsome in his own way!
According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Lemmy died from an aggressive cancer on Boxing Day, which is the 28th for those who don't know the date. He was only 70. In today's world, where people are living to their nineties and hundreds, that is considered VERY young!

Not surprisingly, the band commented on the issue, saying they "cannot begin to express our shock and sadness; there aren’t words. We will say more in the coming days, but for now, please … play Motorhead loud, play Hawkwind loud, play Lemmy’s music LOUD. Have a drink or few. Share stories. Celebrate the LIFE this lovely, wonderful man celebrated so vibrantly himself. HE WOULD WANT EXACTLY THAT.” They also revealed how their leader spent his final days: "He had learnt of the disease on December 26th, and was at home, sitting in front of his favorite video game from The Rainbow which had recently made its way down the street, with his family".

This isn't the only one of the many health issues plaguing the Motorhead front man. During the recent summer, he was diagnosed with a lung infection, forcing six shows to be cancelled. In 2013, he suffered from a hematoma and had to be fitted with a defibrillator to fix those problems. He maintained a light, humorous attitude about it. "Apparently, I am still indestructible". As I read that he kept his sense of humor up, it makes me smile.

For those unfamiliar with how he came to earn his notorious moniker, he was always in the habit of bumming money off of people, as in "Lemme a fiver". After seeing The Beatles play at the Cavern Club in Liverpool at 16, he knew what he wanted to do-guitar. After doing stints with bands like The Rockin' Vickers, the Motown Sect and the Rainmakers, he moved to London in 1967 to try and establish a career in music. His more famous work would include working as a roadie for the Jimi Hendrix Experience before moving on to work with psychedelic rockers Sam Gopal in 1968

In 1972, he joined Hawkwind, the famous British sci-fi rock band before getting fired in 1975 for possession of drugs on tour. During his stint with the band, he appeared on four of the band's albums playing bass guitar: he played on Doremi Fasol Latido and Space Ritual. He even managed to sing lead on one of Hawkwind's best known songs, "Silver Machine". With that music bug still biting, he set in motion plans for a new band. Forming this band with former Pink Fairies guitarist Larry Wallis and drummer Lucas Fox. The band was dubbed "Bastard" and later changed their name to "Motorhead" after the slang term for meth users. Their debut single was "On Parole", which was the final song Lemmy recorded with Hawkwind

To this day, Motorhead's most successful albums include Overkill, Ace of Spades, Bomber. The era when these albums were released was topped off by the highly successful No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith, in an era when live albums were beginning to become successful. These are some pretty impressive stats considering Motorhead was often labeled "the worst band in the world". They can be too bad if tons of people worldwide are jamming to these guys every second of every day of every year and are mourning the loss of the iconic metal legend. Despite numerous lineup changes and the speed and thrash metal movement arising, Motorhead still remained kings of metal!

RIP Ian Fraser Kilmister, aka "Lemmy" Kilmister. You will be extremely missed!

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