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Monday, March 28, 2016

Rock/Metal Gods Then and Now

We all age. Some age gracefully, some age like milk, lol. Here are 38 Rock and Metal Gods Then and Now. I'll probably add some of my own favorites, most likely other members of the bands mentioned here. :D Btw, there might be a few less than 38. There were some people I did not add simply because I had no clue who they were or I do not like them. Also, most of these people seem not to have aged all that bad or look all that different now than back then.

Tommy Lee
-Motley Crue, drums
-I love his calm, laid-back, surfer-type personality. People say he's an idiot for releasing a sex tape. It wasn't his fault it got out. People call him an idiot. I like him; he's a cool musician and a super nice guy from the interviews I've seen and plus he's still pretty cute! The tattoos make it better ;)

Sebastian Bach
-Skid Row, vocals

Mick Jagger
-The Rolling Stones, vocals

David Coverdale
-Deep Purple, Whitesnake, vocals
Wow!! It suddenly got hotter in here...

Yup. Still handsome despite the wrinkles!
Paul Stanley
-Kiss, guitar, vocals
Handsome then...

Still handsome now!
Vince Neil
-Motley Crue, vocals

Steven Tyler
-Aerosmith, vocals, harmonica, mandolin, etc.

Billy Idol
-Generation X, vocals
-My sister goes gaga when she sees him. She's currently reading that biography about him and loving every page of it, lol!! Including the images, hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

If my sister saw this image of Billy Idol, her jaw would be on the ground!!!
Robert Plant
-Led Zeppelin, vocals
-I'd stare at him at a Led Zeppelin concert. He was cute then. And is still handsome to this day, despite his obvious rough looks.
Holy crap cute then...

...Handsome for his age now! Despite everyone's opinion of him looking like crap, that's the rock and roll lifestyle, lol! I still like him. He can still hit those somewhat high notes at his age.

Here are some of my additions. Most of whom I still think are cute, even today

Glenn Hughes
-Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Country Communion, vocals/bass
-Still pretty handsome, even with the few wrinkles. Love his accent and when he wears those aviator sunglasses with the purple lenses. They make him very handsome!!
[wolf whistle]
Definitely still handsome despite a few wrinkles here and there. I like his goofy, laid back personality. So sweet and loving! Not to mention a VERY GOOD singer!
Dave Murray
-Iron Maiden, guitar
-He's still pretty good looking in my eyes. So what if his face is a little more round than it used to be? Looks good on him!!! Makes him look like he's alive and not skin and bones, lol! After becoming a Maiden fan, I'd have to say he's definitely become my favorite. I guess I'm a sucker for cute British accents and blue eyes, lol!! Not to mention he's an overall super sweet guy from what I've heard about him. He never likes to make trouble and is easy to get along with. Definitely awesome!

Bruce Dickinson
-Iron Maiden, vocals
-He's still pretty handsome for his age, despite all that he's gone through, especially the bout with cancer!
Here's something you'll never see him do again: show bare chest, lol!!

Adrian Smith
-Iron Maiden, guitar

Steve Harris
-Iron Maiden, bass
-Again, he's handsome for his age. I never thought he was ugly, unlike some people. If he can sing, that's amazing! Although when he was younger, he did have that almost unibrow thing going, lol!

He is still handsome for his age :)
Rob Halford
-Judas Priest, vocals
-Hahahaha. My sister thinks he's REALLY cute, despite being gay. Apparently his penchant for wearing studded leather and having a lot of tattoos appeals to her, lol!! I could hardly get her eyes off him at Rock on the Range!!

Glenn Tipton
-Judas Priest, guitar
-Still pretty cute. Definitely my favorite member of Priest!!! I thought I'd have to pry my sister's eyes off Glenn and Rob with the Jaws of Life @ Rock on the Range, lol!!!

K.K. Downing
-Judas Priest, guitar

Tony Iommi
-Black Sabbath, guitar
-Despite the fact that I'm sure out there somewhere someone is saying he looks horrible for his age, I disagree. What with him going through lymphoma and coming out on the other side, beating it. That is awesome. He's a phenomenal guitar playing, an incredibly sweet guy, what is there not to like about him?

IDK why, but this has to be my favorite image of him. You can see his handsome blue eyes
Terence "Geezer" Butler
-Black Sabbath, bass
-I would love to know what inspired him to write half the lyrics he wrote, hahahahahaha!! Some of them were just completely out there!

He definitely does not have the long hair of his youth anymore
Bret Michaels
-Poison, vocals
-He's gotten sexier over the years!!!!!

Ringo Starr
-The Beatles, drums
-I love his peaceful, calm personality. He might have a big nose, but that's his most attractive feature!!!

Joe Perry
-Aerosmith, guitar
-Still pretty good looking. Maybe it's because he's Italian, idk!!

Joe Elliott
-Def Leppard, vocals
-He definitely put on some major weight over the years, but I am still a die hard Leppard fan. Always will be. Besides, more Joe Elliott to love, lol!!

Rick Savage
-Def Leppard, bass
-He's still pretty handsome. Hard to believe he suffered from Bell's Palsy. That certainly does explain why it seems he talks out of one side of his mouth

Phil Collen
-Def Leppard, guitar

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