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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Iron Maiden: Flight 666

Here is a concert movie for the band behind the phrase "Up the Irons"!
-Take a worldwide jaunt with the band behind the phrase "Up the Irons"! This band is embarking on their Somewhere Back in Time tour. See what the band is like before, during and after the show. Learn cool things about the guys, like when Maiden isn't busy, Dave Murray and Nicko McBrain can be found at the nearest golf course, hitting the greens. Or Janick Gers is known as the Wanderer because he's always wandering off to explore.

Did You Know?
-The Boeing 757 that takes the band on their tours is dubbed "Ed Force One" as a tribute to their iconic mascot, Eddie. It's piloted by Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson

If I ever saw this landing at CVG here in Cincinnati, OMG! Ticketmaster, here I come...

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