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Friday, February 3, 2017

February Birthdays

Since it's February, time to say Happy Birthday

Alice Cooper
-Birth name: Vincent Damon Furnier
-DOB: 2/4/1948
-Where: Detroit, Michigan
-Going to be: 69
-He appeared in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare as Freddy's stepfather
Joe Pesci
-Birth name: Joseph Frank Pesci
-DOB: 2/9/1943
-Where: Newark, New Jersey
-Going to be: 74
-Known for his use of excessive profanity in some movies
Alan Rickman
-Birth name: Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman
-DOB: 2/21/1946
-Where: Hammersmith, London, England
-DOD: 1/14/2016
-Where: London, England (pancreatic cancer)
-Was 69 at time of death
-His best known role was playing Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series
Steve Irwin
-Birth name: Stephen Robert Irwin
-DOB: 2/22/1962
-Where: Essendon, Australia
-DOD: 9/4/2006
-Where: Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia (stingray attack)
-Was 44 at time of death
-Was known for his strong Australian accent and his strong love of animals
Tony Iommi
-Birth name: Anthony Frank Iommi
-DOB: 2/19/1948
-Where: Aston, Birmingham, England
-Going to be: 69
-Lost the tips of his fingers in an industrial accident in his late teens
Adrian Smith
-Birth name: Adrian Frederick Smith
-DOB: 2/27/1957
-Where: London, England
-Going to be: 60
-Was previously in a band called Urchin, which also, at one time, featured his good friend Dave Murray
Matt Groening
-Birth name: Matthew Abram Groneing
-DOB: 2/15/1954
-Where: Portland, Oregon
-Going to be: 63
-Creator of The Simpsons

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