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Monday, August 28, 2017

Bruce Dickinson is working on another memoir-this one written in his hand

I already pre-ordered this and am eagerly awaiting to read it. I bet with him writing it instead of an author, there will be no errors of spelling or grammar and no reason to doubt the truth written before you.

Considering this new book of his will be written completely in his hand, there is zero chance that this one will have spelling or grammatical errors, as prior books have had. Examples include, Bruce's name being spelled "Burce" or his sister Helen's name being spelled "Helena" or his school name being spelled "Oundale" instead of "Oundle".
This new memoir, titled What Does This Button Do?, is due out Oct. 19 all over the world and Oct. 31 in the US. This book, written completely in his hand, filling seven notebooks, will look back on his life from day 1 all the way through his years trying to become a famous musician in bands like Shots, Styx (different than the band known for "Renegade), Speed, Samson, Iron Maiden, to his very scary cancer situation until current day.

For the press release, they described it as "A true polymath, Bruce is, or has been, an airline pilot and captain, an aviation entrepreneur, a beer brewer, motivational speaker, film scriptwriter, twice-published novelist, radio presenter, TV actor and a world-class fencer. Bruce shares, for the first time, the most fascinating recollections, including his 30 years with Maiden, the early days, his childhood within the eccentric British school system, going solo and realizing his dream of flying jumbo jets."

This book will highlight some parts of his life that he had kept very well guarded, such as his childhood, his years at boarding school, his role as a father to three kids, one of whom fronts a hard rock band called As Lions and it will also go into detail about his fight with tongue cancer and how it delayed the release of Iron Maiden's 2015 The Book of Souls album. The band had actually just finished an exhausting world tour in support of the album. The book is available for pre-order now, and depending on what part of the world you live in, you might get it sooner than others.

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