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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Taking Woodstock

For all the lovers of all things hippies, 1960s and retro, this is a movie to watch!!!
-Elliott Teichberg is helping his parents with their run down Catskills resort, the El Monaco. When a permit is pulled for the upcoming Woodstock Arts and Music Fair from nearby Wallkill, Elliott takes a chance and uses his parents' resort to host the upcoming festival and set in motion the era-defining concert of 1969, despite the hostility from the townspeople

-Henry Goodman: Jake Teichberg
-Edward Hibbert: British gentleman
-Imelda Staunton: Sonia Teichberg
-Demetri Martin: Elliott Teichberg
-Kevin Chamberlin: Jackson Spiers
-Emile Hirsch: Billy
-Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Dan
-Eugene Levy: Max Yasgur
-Jonathan Groff: Michael Lang
-Mamie Gummer: Tisha
-Kevin Sussman: Stan
-Live Schreiber: Vilma

Did You Know?
-The cost for a ticket to the Woodstock Arts and Music Fair was $18 in advance, $24 for all three days
-Towards the end of the film, where Elliott and Michael are overlooking the land, Michael says he's going to San Francisco to launch the ultimate free concert-The Rolling Stones. He is referencing the 1969 Altamont concert. This "free" concert was described as the death of the hippie era because four people died, one was murdered, the other three by natural causes or accidents
-This is only the second film to have Liev Schreiber dressing as a woman. His first film in drag was the 1994 film Mixed Nuts
-The motorcycle Michael rides is a BSA 441cc Victor. This was one of the many models made by the Birmingham Small Arms company, which made weapons during WWII and is based in Small Heath, Birmingham, England

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