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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


When it comes to movies, alot of people will say that they have one favorite movie when they really have like 3 or 4 or more faves. When it comes to me, I have no real favorite genre of movie or one favorite movie, I like all kinds, the only kind of movies I don't watch are ones that look stupid. Most of the movies I watch mostly have one thing in common with the other-- they'll most likely have either Jet Li or Chow Yun-fat in them, those 2 are my favorite actors, people around me wonder why 2 of my favorite actors are Chinese-born actors and I simply tell them that they are good actors and you never hear anything bad about them.

Another thing I've noticed is that some musicians are branching out in to movies, like Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones, he's done a little acting, my dad says he isn't the world's best actor, I think wrong. I think he's a pretty cool actor, you just have to give him a chance, although some of the movies he's been in have been a little on the weird side, like Bent, he was a gay man who wore women's clothing, Freejack, he played a futuristic mercenary, The Man from Elysian Fields, he played the manager of a male escort service, Performance, he played a bisexual ex-rockstar named Turner. And Jon Bon Jovi does acting too, he's so sexy. But when it does come to movies, I'll watch just about anything, and at home almost every time my dad can't find something on, he'll turn to the enormous rack of movies we have, almost each shelf has one kind of movie or other or is devoted to one actor or another, like one shelf has nothing but Jet Li and Chow Yun-fat movies, another is split between Johnny Depp and Sylvester Stallone, another shelf has nothing but scary movies and so on and so forth.

Here are some of the movies I watch:

And when it comes to non-martial arts movies, I watch:

And when it comes to movies, almost everyone has that one actor or actress they love watching,even if the movie totally sucks. Most of the actors I like most people either think is weird or have no clue as to who they are, like Jet Li, Chow Yun-fat, Sylvester Stallone, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Mariska Hargitay. And there are also other actors I like, like Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter, he's pretty attractive. He's a megahottie. He's my favorite one in the Harry Potter movies.
Those are just some of the actors I like. But this blog hopefully lets you see what kind of movies I like, my favorite actors and actresses,etc.

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