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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

20 Awesome Facts About Genesis

Think you know all about the band Genesis? Find out if you do here
-The creepy laugh during "Mama" was inspired by "The Message", a song by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
-The band got its name from original manager Jonathan King
-"I Can't Dance" started off as a joke in 1991
-"Invisible Touch" is the only song to reach #1 in the US
-When Genesis transitioned over to more pop sounding music, fans weren't thrilled
-Tony Banks convinced Phil Collins to use the word "mama" in songs
-In 1974, when the band played the song "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway", Gabriel, not surprisingly, had problems singing in his strange Slipperman costume
-Against All Odds went to #1 in the US and featured 3 tracks from original members of Genesis
-In the beginning, Collins' lyrics came from gibberish. The best example is 1983's "Mama", which is about a young man obsessed with a prostitute
-One of Gabriel's best known stage costumes was a red dress with a fox head, to key in with the album cover of the band's album Foxtrot
-Phil Collins was the first artist to cover a Genesis song in 1981, for his solo album Face Value
-"Follow You, Follow Me" became the first Top 10 UK Hit in 1978
-Phil Collins can credit Peter Gabriel for getting the job as the original Genesis drummer
-When Collins started singing for the band, the band started getting Grammys, especially for tracks like "Land of Confusion"
-Phil Collins never wanted to be the singer. He was suggested after it was said the audition process was going badly
-In "The Musical Box", there was an aggressive section that came about from a suggestion by Gabriel to Mike Rutherford
-Tony Banks is the most frequent songwriter for Genesis
-Gabriel, to this day, remains annoyed that some think Genesis was comprised of "snotty rich kids". When in reality they came from middle-class and working class backgrounds
-The acronym ABACAB was used to remember the compositional sequence for the 1981 album of the same name. A is for Verse, B is for Chorus and C is for Bridge.  The final song didn't end up that way
-Phil Collins didn't take over on vocals until after Peter Gabriel left

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