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Friday, August 29, 2014

I Am Ozzy by Ozzy Osbourne

I never thought I'd ever read this book. Instead of checking it out from the local library, where I risk either seeing some page missing from the book, bringing home bedbugs, seeing some pornographic image scrawled into it or in some other form of disrepair, I simply bought it, knowing that since it was about a singer I like, it was going to be good. AND IT WAS! If you are a Black Sabbath fan, you might like this...
I learned so many cool things about Ozzy. Like his real name is John Michael Osbourne, and his nickname came from a shortened version of his last name. Or that one of the solo songs he did, S.A.T.O. refers to the two most important women in his life- Sharon Arden and Thelma Osbourne. When he was in school, he actually attended the same school as fellow Black Sabbath band mate Tony Iommi, who was one of the only people who didn't bully him
She cracks me up. She'll just say whatever is on her mind :D and also, I think she is a very beautiful person
He held a succession of jobs from working as a car horn tester in a car factory, but he quit that because he did not want to drive himself bonkers or lose his hearing from the horns. Then he got a job working in a slaughterhouse, working a bolt gun that killed cows. Also, his father said he'd probably be in jail before he turned 18. He was right. Ozzy was sentenced to prison for theft. Also, some of his tattoos are home made. Like his hand tattoo, the one that says O-Z-Z-Y on his knuckles, he did himself, or the smiley faces on his knees- yup, homemade tattoos.

Also, when he released the song "No More Tears" as a single, he wanted to make the cover a very mature one, show that he was not the blood spitting, bite the head off the bat clown he once was. He wanted to be seen in a more mature way. The cover showed him with angel wings. And this song is a very beautiful song, if not a little creepy, but still good. He also has a habit of mooning people. Like when Black Sabbath was being inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame, he mooned people. Tony says that he's seen Ozzy's backside more than his own, lol!!!

Despite all the drama that bands typically experience, both Tony and Ozzy are good friends to this day and he was especially supportive of his good friend when he heard Tony got lymphoma. When he found out that Sharon had cancer, he nearly had a heart attack. He said he couldn't sleep with her for 9 months, fearing that if he did sleep with her, he'd wake up in the morning to find she had died in the middle of the night. Or that when he'd come off tour, he'd be a little horny and because of that, nine months later, along comes another little Osbourne. One time, when Sharon was in the hospital for her cancer, Robin Williams came in, dressed as his doctor character Patch Adams, to cheer her up. She never mentioned it to him, fearing what would happen. She also said that Ozzy is a loving individual, that he's never cheated on her or anything. He may have screwed up with drugs and alcohol recently, but he's long since been forgiven. Ozzy talked about his kids, naturally, being the awesome dad he is. And he said that when they did the reality show, they were voted #1 Family in America or something like that. Bill Cosby said that with all his swearing, he was not setting a good example. So Sharon set things right and told him that while his opinion was appreciated, please keep them to his self or something along those lines

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