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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rockers on motorcycles

James Hetfield
-He sang the song "Wherever I Roam" on an old police bike
Paul Stanley
-For a guy being in the "Hottest band in the world", he's the last person you'd be expecting to ride a bike
Rob Halford
-Judas Priest
-It should come as no surprise to find the "Metal God" we all know and love astride a motorcycle. Considering he has made it a trademark of every Priest concert to ride out on a black Harley

Ozzy Osbourne
-Black Sabbath
-He's on a motorcycle? Heck, he nearly killed himself going at a slow speed over a small hill on a quad runner
Vince Neil
-Motley Crue
-What goes better with heavy metal? Heavy metal you can ride. Vince Neil seems the type to ride

Tommy Lee
-Motley Crue
-He's almost exactly the type to ride. A Badass heavy metal drummer? Come on, match made in heaven!
Gene Simmons
-He's definitely the last person you'd expect to see riding a motorcycle. Maybe Peter and Ace, but not Gene

Nick Mason
-Pink Floyd
-Strange combination. English prog-rock and motorcycles? Well, apparently he's an enthusiast of this

-Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver
-He's not on a motorcycle, but a scooter? Oh no, that is the strangest thing EVER!

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