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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Scooby Doo and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery

Hahahahahahahahaha. When I heard about this one, oh wow!! My sister says she wants to see it because she thinks it looks funny!! She thinks even the title is funny: Scooby Doo and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery! Hysterial!!! She also keeps asking me "Aren't you the least bit curious if it's good or not? You do like Kiss!" And not to mention, she now wants to get these little plush dolls of the guys in the band. She wants the Paul Stanley one because she says it has cute little chest hairs, the Peter Criss one because it's oh so cute, lol!! And her general excuse for this sudden love of all things Kiss is that "I'm trying to expand my horizons!"

-Mystery Inc. has been called to investigate a serious of suspicious happenings at Kiss World- an all Kiss-themed amusement park. The self-proclaimed "Kings of the Nighttime World" help out and discover that a being known as the Crimson Witch has summoned a creature called the Destroyer from the world known as Kissteria. Not shockingly, the plan of this monstrous duo is, surprise surprise, to destroy the world!

Not really shocked here. Women always seem to go for Paul Stanley, lol!!

Just like the Creatures of the Night album

This is an almost reference to the cover for the band's Rock and Roll Over album, where each person's true personality was captured

-Frank Welker: Fred Jones/Scooby Doo
-Mindy Cohn: Velma Dinkley
-Grey Griffin: Daphne Blake
-Matthew Lillard: Norville "Shaggy" Rogers
-Gene Simmons: The Demon
-Paul Stanley: The Starchild
-Eric Singer: The Catman
-Tommy Thayer: The Spaceman
-Penny Marshall: The Elder
-Pauley Perrette: Delilah Domino
-Rachel Ramras: Shandi Strutter
-Darius Rucker: The Destroyer
-Doc McGhee: Chip McGoo

Did You Know?
-As a side note, take a look at some of the character names. Most if not all them reference something related to Kiss. "Chip McGoo" is voiced by and based on Kiss manager Doc McGhee, "The Elder" references their only attempt at a concept album called Music from The Elder, "Delilah Domino" references the songs "Domino" from their Revenge album and "Modern Day Delilah" from Sonic Boom. "The Destroyer" references the album Destroyer, "Shandi Strutter" references the songs "Strutter" from their debut album and "Shandi" from Dynasty
-During one scene, a psychic opens the mystic book and symbols start appearing. They include an ankh, a fox, a cat, planets, the initials "BK" and the initials "MSJ". Each of these represent some member of Kiss. "BK" is Bruce Kulick, "MSJ" is Mark St. John, the fox is Eric Carr, the ankh is Vinnie Vincent, the cat is Peter Criss, the planets are Ace Frehley

Peter Criss

Ace Frehley

Bruce Kulick

Eric Carr

Mark St. John

Vinnie Vincent
-At the beginning of the movie, when Kiss is doing their outfit change, they pay respect to the sailor scouts of the popular anime cartoon Sailor Moon (1995)

-The character Chip McGoo is strongly based on Kiss' manager Doc McGhee, who also voices that character

Doc McGhee
-In the movie, The Starchild paints a picture of Daphne and an intentionally insulting picture of Fred. In real life, Paul Stanley paints as a hobby and is quite accomplished at it, so much so that he often donates his paintings to be auctioned off for charity
-This is the second time that Paul Stanley has lent his voice to a characterization of himself in a Scooby Doo cartoon
-As Kiss powers up into their superhero alter egos, the colors of each person reflect the four solo albums released simultaneously in 1978: green (Peter Criss/Eric Singer), red (Gene Simmons), Purple (Paul Stanley), Blue (Ace Frehley/Tommy Thayer)

-The opening titles reference the Kiss album covers of Creatures of the Night, Destroyer, Alive! Dynasty, Love Gun

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