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Thursday, July 13, 2017

10 rock/metal singers whose voices haven't changed

You know how some people think that as people grow older, their voices might change either for the better or worse? Here are 10 rock/metal musicians whose voices has yet to change.

Bruce Dickinson
-Iron Maiden
Ronnie James Dio
-Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Dio
Rob Halford
-Judas Priest
Glenn Hughes
-Trapeze, Black Sabbath, California Breed, Black Country Communion
Geddy Lee
Robert Plant
-Led Zeppelin, The Band of Joy
Bobby Blitz
-Overkill (I'm only adding him because he's on the list. I hate Overkill. I think they're hypocrites. They get on Avenged Sevenfold about getting their own logo because they have a winged skull like Overkill. BUT.....EXCUSE ME!!! Who is the band that writes their name like Iron Maiden??????? Any guesses? Hint, hint!)
Notice any similarities between this logo and that of Iron Maiden? I do!!
I'll admit that the logo is similar, but it's not the same. Overkill, get over yourselves!
Klaus Meine
-The Scorpions
Dee Snider
-Twisted Sister
King Diamond
-Mercyful Fate (I only added him because he's on the list. I do not know much about him other than that he's heavy metal. I don't know what kind of metal. I just hope it isn't that scary black metal stuff. That stuff truly scares me!)

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