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Friday, July 14, 2017

Two new artists found!

Lauren Harris/The Raven Age

Ironically, they both have something in common-both have the same dad, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden fame, and both are musicians. Lauren is hard rock while The Raven Age is straight up metal. And obviously George Harris has a preference for tattoos like his dad because in the picture of The Raven Age, George is the one to the immediate right of the guy in front; his whole left arm is almost completely covered in a sleeve, but it is hidden. I discovered these two because I had heard about through Facebook. I like the Steve Harris Fan Club page on Facebook and whoever does the posting usually mentions these guys if they are on tour or are on tour with Steve's side band, British Lion. Or they will get photographed with their father, bass player Steve Harris.

Lauren Harris

The Raven Age

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