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The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Friday, April 6, 2018

April Birthdays

Since it's April, time to say Happy Birthday

Eddie Murphy
-Birth name: Edward Regan Murphy
-DOB: 4/3/1961
-Where: Brooklyn, New York
-Was originally offered the role of Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbusters, but turned it down due to filming Beverly Hills Cop. The role instead went to Ernie Hudson
Ritchie Blackmore
-Birth name: Richard Hugh Blackmore
-DOB: 4/14/1945
-Where: Weston-super-Mare, England
-Known for wearing all black, which is why he is sometimes referred to as "The Man in Black"
Emma Watson
-Birth name: Emma Charlotte Duere Watson
-DOB: 4/15/1990
-Where: Paris, France
-Her parents are both lawyers
Jet Li
-Birth name: Li Lian Jie
-DOB: 4/26/1963
-Where: Beijing, China
-Was originally casted as the role of Li Mu Bai in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. But he had promised his wife Nina Li Chi that he would not work while she was pregnant. Instead the role went to Chow Yun-fat
Al Pacino
-Birth name: Alfredo James Pacino
-DOB: 4/25/1940
-Where: Manhattan, New York
-Has played crime bosses in three movies: The Godfather trilogy, Scarface and Dick Tracy
Paul Nicholls
-Birth name: Paul Gerald Greenhalgh
-DOB: 4/12/1979
-Where: Bolton, Lancashire, England
-In July 2017, he was trapped for three days at the foot of a waterfall during his vacation in Koh Samui, Thailand. He was trying to take a selfie and he broke his leg and tore his kneecap before emergency rescue services got to him
Jeremy Clarkson
-Birth name: Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson
-DOB: 4/11/1960
-Where: Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England
-He is known for being severely outspoken
Jamie Bamber
-Birth name: Jamie St. John Bamber Griffith
-DOB: 4/3/1973
-Where: Hammersmith, London, England
-Is fluent in French, Italian and English
John Cena
-Birth name: John Felix Anthony Cena
-DOB: 4/23/1977
-Where: West Newbury, Massachusetts
-Has a degree in exercise physiology and movement studies
Peter Davison
-Birth name: Peter Malcolm Gordon Moffett
-DOB: 4/13/1951
-Where: Streatham, London, England
-He made a citizens arrest on Aug. 8, 2001 in Belsize Park in London after catching a teenager stealing a video camera from his car. He restrained the teen for 10 minutes until the police arrived

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