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Friday, April 6, 2018

Cute Guy Friday: Ian Anthony Dale

This actor is currently known for playing Adam Noshimuri, the son of a Yakuza oyabun (boss) named Hiro Noshimuri, on Hawaii Five-O.
He is so cute!!!!!
DOB: 7/3/1978
Where: St. Paul, Minnesota

-He is of Japanese, French and English descent
-has three brothers and a sister


Hawaii Five-O (TV series)
-Adam Noshimuri

Salvation (TV series)
-Harris Edwards
Unspoken: Diary of an Assassin

Murder in the First (TV series)
-Jim Koto
-Ben Jacobs

Hart of Dixie (TV series)
-Dr. Henry Dalton

The Mentalist (TV series)
-Det. Nathaniel Kim

The Mentalist (TV series)
-Det. Nathaniel Kim

Kazuya Mishima

Criminal Minds (TV series)
Lt. Det. Owen Kim
The Bucket List
Cold Case (TV series)
Ray Takahashi (1942-1945)
Episode: Family 8108

Bones (TV series)
Commander James Adams
JAG (TV series)
-Lance Corporal Brad Owens

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