Life is what happens when you are making other plans~ John Lennon
An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind~Gandhi
The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Since I know summer is fast approaching, I thought I'd do a blog based on some of the stuff I like to do during the summer.

Go to the beach, although I haven't been to the beach since I was 10 and that was to this crappy beach in Florida called Coco Beach, sure wasn't fun for me! I got sunburn and windburn, how'd I manage that one? This was when the economy was better!


Eat popsicles/ice cream
Running from school,  screaming "FREEDOM"

Looks like me at the end of 8th 

Cookouts. Sorry, just had to throw in that last one, made me crack up laughing! And spending time with family makes it all better and worthwhile

Sunshine!!!!! Sorry, just had to throw in that sun with the smiley face. I'm a massive sucker for cute Smiley Faces!

Laying out in the sun,  jamming out to your fave music! I'm a massive Mickey Mouse lover, he's just so darn cute!

The blue one on the far right in the 1st row is EXACTLY what my MP3 player looks like!!!!!!

Planting flowers(and praying deer and other wildlife don't eat them!!!!)

Summer concerts, and concerts in general
Aerosmith concerts

Journey concerts
New lead singer to replace old one Steve Perry. Guy from the Philippines named Arnel Pineda
Arnel Pineda Journey singer Arnel Pineda performs at the Planet Hollywood Theatre for the Performing Arts March 8, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  


Foreigner concerts

The one holding the microphone is my favorite, the lead singer, Kelly Hansen

Rolling Stones concerts(LOL! Shoulda known this was coming, lol!)

Paul McCartney concerts
    Paul McCartney Sir Paul McCartney performs during the Liverpool Sound concert, held at Anfield Stadium on June 1, 2008 in Liverpool, England. The one-off musical concert, headlined by Sir Paul McCartney, celebrates Liverpool being European Capital of Culture in 2008



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