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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Birthdays

I deleted the blog I had previously pertaining to birthdays and I'm doing this one now because it's actually closer to June than when I originally did it, so I'm giving a big Happy Birthday shout out to the following people:

Ronnie Wood, 63

  • DOB: June 1, 1947, Hillingdon, Middlesex, England
  • Birth name: Ronald David Wood
  • Height: 5'9''
  • Nickname: The New Kid, Woody, Ronnie
  • Spouse:
    • Jo Wood- Jan. 2, 1985- Jan. 25, 2011(divorced) 2 children
    • Krissy Findlay- (1971-1978) (divorced) 1 child
  • Trivia
    • Guitarist with The Faces and The Rolling Stones
    • Also plays lap and pedal steel guitar
    • His music career started with a band in 1964 called the Birds
    • In February 1976, Ronnie was considered an official member of The Rolling Stones. It wasn't until 1990 when Ronnie was made a full fledged member of The Stones, nearly 20 years after he joined the band
    • In March 2004, doctors found traces of emphysema in his lungs and ordered him to quit his 30 a day smoking habit. Because during the band's 2003 Forty Licks tour, Ronnie had been downing a bottle and a half of vodka a day
    • Added guitar, bass, saxophone, keyboards and back-up vocals to Ringo Starr's Stop and Smell the Roses
    • As a guest on BBC's Top Gear in 2007, he completed the Celebrity Speed Lap in 1:49.4
    • A very respected and accomplished artist whose art is displayed in galleries all over the world

John Cusack, 44

Johnny Depp

  • DOB: June 9, 1963, Owensboro, Kentucky
  • Birth name: John Christopher Depp II
  • Height: 5'10''
  • Trademark:
    • his highly defined cheekbones
    • Frequently plays freakish, outlandish characters
    • Frequently works with director Tim Burton
    • Frequently bases his performance on rock stars
  • Trivia:
    • Arrested in London for getting into a fight with paparazzis in Jan. 1999
    • Arrested for supposedly trashing a New York hotel room. The one who called the cops was none other than Who front man Roger Daltrey
    • Has a tattoo on his arm that once said Winona Forever because of his relationship with actress Winona Ryder. but now says Wino Forever because of a love of wine
    • Best friends with Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards
    • Has a huge interest in Jack the Ripper
    • Says the character of Capt. Jack Sparrow is strongly based on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, from his voice and aspects of his appearance to his personality and mannerisms. Keith would appear in the 3rd Pirates movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, playing Jack's father, Capt. Teague
    • Big fan of The Rolling Stones
    • Big fan of the 1963 show Doctor Who
    • For some reason, my sister goes head over heels for him, every time she sees him on TV she loses all self control!

Anne Frank

  • DOB: June 12, 1929
  • DOD: early March 1945(15 years old)
  • Birth name: Annelies Marie Frank
  • Anne and her sister Margot and her family were discovered by the Germans and her and her sister Margot were taken to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp where they both died of typhus

Liam Neeson

  • DOB:  June 7, 1952, Ballymena, Northern Ireland
  • Birth name: William John Neeson
  • Height: 6'4''
  • Trivia
    • Brother in law of actress Joely Richardson
    • His role as a high Nazi party official in the 1992 movie Shining Through is what got him the role as Oskar Schindler in the 1993 movie Schindler's List


Charlie Watts

  • DOB: June 2, 1941, Bloomsbury, London, England
  • Birth name: Charles Robert Watts
  • Height: 5'8''
  • Nickname: The Wembley Whammer
  • Spouse: Shirley Shepard-Watts(October 14, 1964-present, 1 child)
  • Trivia:
    • Drummer for The Rolling Stones
    • Has many jazz projects outside the Rolling Stones
    • Considered to be the most quiet, most reticent and least wild member of the Stones
    • Has one daughter, Seraphina, born in 1967
    • In June 2004, was diagnosed with throat cancer. even after he quit smoking 15 years before. But in October 2004 it was announced that his cancer had gone into remission after aggressive chemo treatments.
    • Lives in Dolton, Devon, United Kingdom

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