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Monday, June 6, 2011

Senior Wills

When I was still in high school, in my senior year, we had to write 'senior wills', it was all for fun, we got to leave whatever we wanted to anybody, even things we didn't own, or memories and stuff.  And my senior class was pretty big, sorry. Well here's what my senior will looked like:

  • Amanda Ackerson, who later went on to get married and is now known as Amanda Ackerson-Wyllie: I leave my Aerosmith Big Ones and Devil's Got a New Disguise albums, my Prince Greatest Hits CD, my 2 Aerosmith tour shirts, and the gift of love from a friend, since u were one of the few who actually treated mne like I existed, that treated me like I wasn't invisible
  • Bruno Bagialtsalief: I leave a ticket for you and 6 of ur buddies to see your fave musician in concert, a slightly used soccer ball, my CD's of Shakira and Enrique Iglesias, and Ritchie Valens, a gift of friendship
  • Bobby Berns: a basketball I found in my yard my stupid neighbors forgot to come back and claim, tickets for you and 4 of your friends to go see the Bengals, tickets for u and 4 of ur friends 2 go see your fave musician in concert, an XBox 360 so you can game on all day and night, whatever suits you, a $100 Visa gift card u can use anywhere
  • Beth Boshears: a CD of Justin Bieber, and Lil Wayne, since I know they're your favorite, a poster of both Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber, a Blu-Ray copy of the Hangover and the Hangover pt. II, a $100 Visa gift card to use anywhere so u can pretty yourself up, a ticket to see both Justin Bieber in concert and a backstage pass to meet him in person and a backstage pass to meet Lil Wayne in person and a concert ticket for him
  • Josh Brett: complete set of Harry Potter books 1-7, complete set of Harry Potter movies on Blu-Ray or DVD, which ever one u own, an XBox 360, PS3, or Wii system, whichever one u don't own or want, the chance to get a photo with the people from Harry Potter, tickets to see a basketball game for your fave team, all the arguments in class and on Facebook concerning the reality of Harry Potter, the laughs I gave u 4 saying Daniel Radcliffe was a sexy English hottie, a CD of your fave musician, a $100 iTunes gift card cuz I don't know if you own an iPod or not
  • Roger Babb: a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods for that sports lover in you, season pass for all the Bengals games
  • Kristen Bock: My Rolling Stones 1981 North American tour shirt with the British flag on it, my blood red Rolling Stones Tattoo You shirt, my black Rolling Stones log shirt, my Rolling Stones Hot Rocks, Jump Back, Forty Licks, Bridges to Babylon albums, a copy of the movie Factory Girl, a book on Andy Warhol, my slightly used art supplies, my CD of Eric Burdon and the Animals, my CD of the Mamas and the Papas cuz I know you love to think of yourself as a hippie, a $200 Visa gift card to use on art stuff, a love of all things 1960s, the laughs we shared in class about our love of the Rolling Stones, and the laughs I gave you saying I thought Mick Jagger was one sexy hot hunk of man
  • Adam Bowling: a season pass to all the Bengals games
  • Derek Bryan: my Reba McEntire CDs cuz I know you love country music, my Tim McGraw CDs, my 80's comp CD, a football from my backyard my annoyingly stupid next door neighbors forgot to come back and claim, my Gameboy Advance(although I don't know about the what I call Breast Cancer Ribbon pink color of it), all my Gameboy Advance games, a slightly used basketball hoop, a copy of the movie Unleashed, plenty of action in it for you!
  • Aubrey Buckler: a poster of the movies the Hangover and the Hangover pt. II( I don't own these, but I can buy it for you, just 4 kindness)
  • Clayton Daley: my Beatles 1 CD you claim I "stole", the conversations in class discussing the true owndership of the CD,  our love of The Beatles, a love of all things 1960s and retro, all my Peace sign stuff, my Pandora bracelet with the LOVE charm on it and the British flag charm on it.
  • Josh Dowling: a season pass to either the Bengals games or the Cincy Reds games
  • Daniel Fessler:  a love of all things Christian and Faithful
  • Samantha Butler: baby stuff for you and your son Mason, my phone # in case you need it, the knowledge that I'm here for you when you need someone to babysit your lil bundle of joy Mason.
  • Samantha Corman: baby stuff for you and your newborn son, an iPod Nano unless u already own one, a love of music, a $500 Visa gift card 2 b used on anything you need
  • Teanna Davis: my CD of Seal's Greatest Hits, Aaliyah's I Care 4 U album, the laughs you have had to make me laugh, your kindness and sincerity
  • Christina Duffy: a love of all things Christian, my Precious Moments Edition of the Bible for the little ones you may have one day,  and my respect for family
  • Cheyenne Fornash: don't know you that well, sooooo sorry
  • Kallista Foster: my Foreigner No End in Sight CD, my Lamborghini Reventon wind up model, my Lamborghini Reventon poster I haven't bothered to hang up
  • Christopher Gentry-Lovins: my X-Men 3 poster because of your favorite actor Sir Ian McKellen, the conversations between me, you and Clayton in Mr. Ryker's Earth Science class, all the X-Men movies I have
  • Melissa Guidugli: my kindness towards you
  • Caitlyn Haynes: baby stuff for your little one coming. I do not yet know the sex of the baby, so here's a $100 Babies R Us gift card to spoil your lil one rotten! my phone number in case you need a babysitter right off hand anad you don't feel like searching in the phone book for one
  • Ashley Francis: my copy of the movie Bulletproof Monk, War, Kiss of the Dragon, Mulan
  • Mike Griggs: don't know ya, so sorry
  • Corey Hardy: you don't get a @#$% thing! You never showed me any kindness, you called me ugly all the time even though you needed to look in the mirror and see the true ugliness of your personality!
  • Adam Hegge: a new swimsuit to flaunt your new figure, the phone number for my neighbor up the street from me who can fix cars and stuff if you need it, the laughs and conversations on Facebook
  • Matt Heuser: don't know ya!
  • Bobby Hollon: not a @#$% thing! You suck Bobby!
  • Matt Kosko: my Scarface poster, my handdrawn picture of Rocky Balboa and Tony Montana I got from InLight Studio in Eastgate, my love of all things Italian
  • Robyn Meyer: our shared love of Australian actor Hugh Jackman, the conversations we had on how hot we thought he was and still is
  • Jessica Hurtt: don't know you that well
  • Austin Kessen: a season pass to a basketball game for your favorite team along with 4 of your buddies
  • Kevin McHale: don't know you that well
  • Taylor Menning: I don't know you that well
  • Thomas Rees: a new swimsuit to flaunt your very and I mean VERY handsome new figure, a big congrats on your recent weight loss, my friendship
  • Austin Richter: don't know you that well
  • Anna Simmons: don't know you that well
  • Tony Stadtmiller: my crush on you since 7th grade(which Jeff Thomas didn't keep to his self and he blurted to you and Chris Weber and all the little jokes about it, like from Chris Weber"Here's your lover, Tony")
  • Samantha Terry: the laughs we shared in high school
  • Asha Saunders: a  bunch of CD's of contemporary jazz, R&B, jazz, Gospel cuz I know you love tha stuff
  • Alyse Slater: the conversations on Facebook, a love of The Beatles
  • Ashley Taylor: don't know you that well
  • Jeff Thomas: a big, fat, congratulatory, priceless, Go to Hell! Especially for that u thought it was funny comment about my stepdad's Italian heritage!
  • Mary Jo Vaught: baby stuff for you and your baby, don't know if it's a girl or boy
  • Maria Vique: Spanish lessons so you can speak Spanish to Mrs. Garcia de Burke
  • Chris Weber: a season pass to all Duke University sports games
  • Jessica Wimmers: please teach me how to do ballet and tap, I fogot how, love of music
  • Cindy Votel: my kindness, our conversations on Facebook, my copy of the movie Freejack( so you can remember the laughs I gave you on Facebook reading my comments involving my saying Mick Jagger was one hot, sexy, hunk of sexy English gentleman
  • Kasey Willis: safety for you because I know you're in the Armed Forces, baby stuff for the arrival of your upcoming little one

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