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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It seems like most people I know have tattoos and most of them I graduated with from high school and people in my family. It seems like the people I went to school with, after they graduated, they got tattoos and changed. My sister is officially ink'd, as she likes to call it. I'm actually thinking about getting one, but right now, I want to take care of a few things at home before I get one and I want to get a part time job to pay for it. The trouble will be deciding what to get, because I don't want to be like some people who get the logo for their fave musician tattooed on them or get a tattoo I'll regret. I want to get something that represents me.

Here are some of the possible ideas:

Outline of the island of Ireland with Ireland on a band across it and the Irish flag as the design. Basically have the outline of the island of Ireland with the design of the flag on it and across it on a white band say Eire or Ireland. I'm Irish in heritage, so it explains alot.....

Another idea for possible tattoo is something Asian, to reflect the interest I have in that culture. A puzzle I recently finished was from this famous tattoo artist named Ed Hardy, who in reality is a French dude named Christian Audigier. Anyway, the puzzle is of a Geisha girl.
Basically, I would get the Geisha Girl and that's it, right on my leg. I wouldn't get the dragons or the flowers or the blue and yellow background, just the geisha girl.

Or just some Chinese inscriptions for:



Maybe all these on my leg so that way I can see it. Because tattoos are permanent, so why get a tattoo you will regret?

And maybe on the ribbon have it say Hope and Strength, or Courage and Strength, or for something really funny, have it say "I kicked breast cancer's a--!" but since I have never suffered breast cancer, that won't work. So if I get this one, I'm thinking Hope and Strength because breast cancer runs in my family

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