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Monday, June 13, 2011

Bill Wyman

William George Perks was born on October 24, 1936 in Lewisham, London, England. He is 5'6'', by far the shortest one in the group. Before he joined up with the Rolling Stones, he was in the RAF(Royal Air Force) for those who may not know.
The 1989-1990 Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle tour proved to be the last tour for Bill because in 1993 he would quit the band and fellow Stones member Ronnie Wood would become a full blown member of the Stones. After he quit the Stones, he went on to form his own band, Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings.

Bill Wyman young

Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith

He has had many relationships, almost as many as fellow Stones member Mick Jagger. His first wife was Diane Cory(1959-1969)(divorced), his 2nd wife was Mandy Smith(June 2, 1989-1991)(divorced), his 3rd wife was Suzanne Accosta(April 21 1993-present) 3 children

Owns 3 restauarants, one in Cambridge, one in Kensington, and one in Manchester, all named Sticky Fingers, which are all major successes

Former bassist for the Rolling Stones

Was the oldest member of the Rolling Stones, with Charlie being the 2nd oldest, Mick the 3rd oldest, Keith the 2nd youngest, and Ronnie the youngest.

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