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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


You ever find yourself looking thru a magazine and seeing a picture of a beautiful place and saying to yourself "I wish I was there". Well, I'm guilty of that. If that were a crime, I'd be on death row for it, lol. There are tons of places I'd love to see b4 I leave this world. I'll add the pics later, the computer I'm on sucks! Here are some of them:


  • Great Wall/Beijing. I've been interested in seeing this place since actually 2nd grade! Wow!
  • Museum of the Terra-Cotta Warriors in Lintong, Xian, Shaanxi Province. Chinese history has always been my thing!
  • Forbidden City/Beijing. Just once I'd love to see all the cool places in China and this is one of them
  • Tianenmen Square/Beijing. I'd like to see this place because it sounds interesting. With places like Monument to the People's Heroes, Tianenmen Tower and Great Hall of the People, it has to be awe inspiring.
  • Summer Palace/Haidian District. It has what is called a typical Chinese garden overflowing with lovely and beautiful plants. With me having a green thumb and a love of all things green and healthy, gotta see it!

  • Mount Fujiyama. In alot of my previous art classes, when we were asked to do a painting or picture and we got to choose the content, I, for some unknown reason, always gravitated towards something of Asian ancestry, whether it be a picture of the Summer Palace at Yihehuan, which I think is the name for the area around it, or Mount Fujiyama in Japan. All I know is this place is a very beautiful location and I want to see it!
  • Ginza. Here you can see authentic Japanese theatre and arts, either Kabukiza Theatre or Shinbashi Enbujo, either one giving you an authentic taste of real Japanese theatre and performing arts. Oh yeah, I'm up for that!
  • Asakusa. Has all the charm of Japan from long ago, buy yourself traditional Japanese items and foods. Cool!
  • Imperial Palace-East Garden. With me having a good green thumb, and love of plants, I'd love to see this!
  • The Coliseum/Rome
  • Trevi Fountain/Rome
  • Rialto Bridge/Venice
  • Palazzo Vecchio/Florence
  • Abbey Road Studios. With me being a big Beatles fan, I'd sure love to see where they made their music.

  • I'd get 3 more people I know who like the Beatles and I'd go there with them and we'd re-create the Abbey Road image to pay respect to the Beatles.
  • Tate Modern. If this is an art museum, I'm okay with that. I've always had a love of art.
  • London Bridge. cool looking

  • Queensland Zoo. Pay my respects to Steve Irwin, better known as the Crocodile Hunter.
  • This is why I'd visit this place, to pay my respect to Steve Irwin, aka, The Crocodile Hunter. He was too young to die.
  • Sydney Opera House.
  • Ayers Rock. Northern Territory. It's cool and I wonder if it's bigger than in the pics I've seen?
  • National Gallery of Australia. It's an art museum, sweet! I loooooooooove art!
  • Sydney Harbour
  • Bondi Beach. Lay out and relax, maybe see Hugh Jackman there, lol? Man he's hot!

  • Great Barrier Reef/Queensland. I hear it's a  lovely site
  • Lightning Ridge. Go mining for opals, my birthstone!
New York
  • Empire State Building, I'd love to go to the top and see all of New York from up there.
  • Statue of Liberty. I'd love to see it because I'd get those thoughts running thru my head saying "This is what the immigrants first saw when they entered the US all those years ago."
  • Ellis Island Immigration Center. I'd love to see this place because all the immigrants came here and became US citizens
  • Museum of Modern Art. What can I say? I'm an art nut.
  • Museum of Jewish Heritage. I'm part Jewish, so that explains alot, it has to do with the Holocaust. That particular topic has always fascinated me.
  • The Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. I'm a fan of the books they released.
  • Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. I wanna see who they have wax figures of.

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