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Monday, June 13, 2011

Body Issues

I've noticed that over the years, eating disorders are starting to be a big issue. I think the reason for that is the media. They spread this idea that if you don't have perfect boobs, a perfect butt, a perfect body, aren't tall, tan and gorgeous, aren't big and muscular and good looking, that you're nothing. That's not the kind of image that magazines like People, OK, Entertainment, Cosmo, Vogue need to be saying. I mean, yeah, people like reading those magazines to see what's going on in the exciting world of entertainment [sarcasm there, by the way], but they need to realize there are eating disorders out there!

I admit that when I was younger, I was always worried about how people would see me, I'm still worried about how people would see me. When I was younger, I was bullied alot, because of my glasses and my body type. I was always told it was called 'big boned', but my classmates had other terms for it, usually called things like fat a--, bubble butt, thunder thighs, fatso, blimpie, etc. I was also called names because I wear glasses, things like 4 eyes, coke bottles, which is stupid because that's not offensive, it's just a nickname for glasses with really thick lenses, but you certainly don't want to call anyone who wear glasses that, it's mean! But the thing about me now is I lost weight, 26 pounds, woo-hoo! yay me!!!!!!! But I'm also 'big boned', not fat, I'm no skinny mini, but I'm no fatso either. I'm kind of monkey in the middle I guess.

Because when girls and guys get to be teens, they start worrying about how they look so they can attract members of the opposite sex. And if all they worry about is how they look, asking questions like "Am I fat?", they'll never have time for anyone or anything else. It absolutely burns me up to see how some of these magazines glorify skinniness as if it's the new "in thing". It's not glamorous to be rail thin, come on, eww! To be rail thin is disgusting because you can see your bones sticking out through your skin.

And sometimes bullying can lead to eating disorders, mean classmates bullying someone because of their weight can be enough to drive someone into an eating disorder. Quite frankly, I think there needs to be something done about the issue of bullying, and I mean something like, maybe I don't know, something like actually putting a stop to it?

I proudly admit that I've been a bully victim, ever since grade school, people have made it their mission to make my life a living, miserable hell! And it got worse in middle and high school. People would break into my locker and steal things from me, and they would write offensive things on my locker, they would steal from me while I was out of the room and when I came back, they'd deny it, like I was some kind of ignorant dumb-ass or something, and they would insult everything about me. Like in my Art class in 11th grade, my final assignment for that class was to draw a picture of someone that we liked so the teacher could hang them up and remember us all when we moved onto 12th grade and graduated. And so I drew a pic of The Beatles, because in 11th grade I started sort of liking these guys, and when I got up to show my picture, people said "Gay!" Yeah, that's how you say stupid now, can u believe that? People use the term 'gay' to describe stupidity. As far as I'm concerned, it makes them sound all the stupider when they do that!

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