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Monday, June 20, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge

If you have a Facebook account, you maye have a thing on there from your friends saying something about a 30 day Song challenge. If not, check mine and you'll probably see it. Just type in Caitlin Clark and you'll probably see a pic of an Asian guy, named Jet Li in a black leather jacket, that'll be my profile. There's always some challenge on here, one time it was a 30 day photo challenge, now it's songs.

Well, apparently here's the "rules"

  1. Your favorite song
  2. Least Favorite song
  3. Song that makes you happy
  4. Song that makes you sad
  5. Song that reminds you of someone
  6. Song that reminds you of somewhere
  7. Song that reminds you of a certain event
  8. Song that you know all the words to
  9. Song you can dance to
  10. Song that puts you to sleep
  11. Song from your favorite band
  12. Song from a band you hate
  13. Song that is a guilty pleasure
  14. Song no one would expect you to love
  15. Song that describes you
  16. Song you used to love but hate now
  17. Song you hear often on the radio
  18. Song you wish you heard on the radio
  19. Song from your favorite album
  20. Song you listen to when your angry
  21. Song you listen to when your happy
  22. Song you listen to when your sad
  23. Song you want to play at your wedding
  24. Song you want to play at your funeral
  25. Song that makes you laugh
  26. Song that you could play on an instrument
  27. Song you wish you could play
  28. Song that makes you feel guilty
  29. Song from your childhood
  30. Song that was your favorite from last year at this time.

1. Fave song. The Rolling Stones Anybody Seen My Baby?

2. Least Fave. The Who Pinball Wizard. I don't even like these guys, I have nothing against Pete Townshend, he looks like a sweetie, but that Roger Daltrey looks like an arrogant jerk!

3. Happy. The Beatles Here Comes the Sun

4. Sad. Alan Jackson Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

5. Reminds You of Someone. Twisted Sister We're Not Gonna Take It. Reminds me of my sister and her who cares attitude.

6. Of Somewhere. I"ve never been to California, but I really like this song. The Mamas and the Papas California Dreamin

7. Certain event. Tim McGraw Down On the Farm

8. Know all the words to. The Rolling Stones It's Only Rock and Roll

9. Dance to. Aaliyah Try Again

10. to Sleep. Jim Croce I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song

11. Fave Band. The Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter

12. Band you hate. The Who Won't Get Fooled Again

13. Guilty pleasure. Carly Simon You're So Vain. I don't know if this is the official video or not, so enjoy!

14. No one would expect you to love. Taylor Swift Teardrops on My Guitar

15.  Describes you. The Rolling Stones 19th Nervous Breakdown

16. Used to love, but hate. idk for this one.

17. Often on the radio. Rihanna Only Girl in the World

18. Wished you heard on the radio. The Rolling Stones Rock and a Hard Place

19. Fave Album. The Rolling Stones Start Me Up, from their 1981 Tattoo You album

20. Angry. Aerosmith The Other Side

21. Happy. Seal Kiss from a Rose. This video is from one of the Batman movies, sorry.

22. Sad. Aerosmith I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

23. Wedding. Enrique Iglesias Could I Have This Kiss Forever?

24. Funeral. idk 4 this one

25. Laugh. The Rolling Stones She's So Cold

26. Play on instrument. i don't know.

27. Could play. idk

28. Guilty feelings. YES Owner of a Lonely Heart

29. Childhood. Elton John Your Song. Thank God I now know the name of this song!

30. Last year's fave song.  Deep Purple Hush. This still is my fave song. I have alot of favorites.

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