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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mick Jagger

Michael Philip Jagger was born on July 26, 1943, in Dartford, Kent, England. His height is 5'10'', meaning he is only a couple inches taller than my 5'8'' height.
When he was 4 that's when he met Keith Richards for the first time. They lost touch when they went to different schools.

Mick Jagger 1981

Mick Jagger in 1969

Mick at the 1969 Hyde Park concert, shortly after Brian's death

He had been married twice. His first wife was a Nicaraguan-born actress and fashion model named Bianca Macias. With her, they had their first and only child, Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger. The couple separated in 1977 on the grounds that Mick was committing adultery. It was in 1978 that the couple actually divorced and Bianca gained custody of their daughter Jade.
Mick Jagger and Bianca Macias

Their wedding photo
In late 1977, he began seeing model Jerry Hall. The 2 lived together and had children before they were actually wed in a Hindu beach ceremony on the beach in Indonesia. With her they had 4 children, daughter Elizabeth Scarlet Jagger, son Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger, daughter Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger, and son James Leroy Augustin Jagger

Jerry Hall

Yeah Mick, real nicely dressed, lol!

When he was single, he seen American model, singer, novelist, actress Marsha A. Hunt. When he was with her, they had a child, daughter Karis Hunt Jagger. And he has ha many girlfriends over the years, including Luciana Gimenez, who was a Brazilian model who he was seeing while still married to Jerry Hall. He had gotten Gimenez pregnant while Hall was pregnant with their son Gabriel. Gimenez had given birth to son Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger in Dec. 1997. He has also had many intimate relationships and ha been romantically linked to:

Chrissie Shrimpton- former English model and actress in the 1960s, who is the younger sister of model Jean Shrimpton. Chrissie dated Jagger from 1963-1966

Marianne Faithful- English songwriter, actress, and singer in the 1960s whose music has spanned 5 decades. Dated Jagger from 1966-1970. Had a child but unfortunately miscarried, which leads some to believe the Stones song Wild Horses is about.

Anita Pallenberg- was the girlfriend of fellow Stones member Brian Jones. She is an Italian-born model, actress, fashion designer. Later she became the partner of fellow Stones member Keith Richards after finding out that her and Keith had sex in the back of a car. In a 1985 Rolling Stone Magazine interview, Mick claimed that Pallenberg "nearly killed me"
Together in the movie Performance

Pamela Des Barres- former rock and roll groupie, author, magazine writer from Reseda, California. She daydreamed of Mick Jagger while growing up in Los Angeles in the 1960s. Don't know how she would know what Mick's genitals look like unless she slept with him!! And in high school art class, she did an assignment involving painting, she made a painting of Mick Jagger's genitals. EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

Carly Simon- American singer-songwriter, musician, author. She had a highly publicisized relationship with Mick Jagger and with James Taylor. Her most well known song is You're So Vain. The mystery behind who it's about has been stunning people for years. She gave several hints as to who it could be, 2 of the most likely "suspects" are either Warren Beatty or Mick Jagger

Mackenzie Philips- American actress and singer. She said she spent the night with Mick Jagger and that the next morning he made her breakfast and was a total gentleman

Carla Bruni- Italian-French singer-songwriter, former model. In the 1990s, she briefly dated Jagger.

    His main trademark are his lips and dancing on stage
    The 1971 song Brown Sugar was expressively written for then lover Marsha A. Hunt
    He is the grandfather of Assissi and Amba Jagger, children of his daughter Jade
    Daughter Jade with daughters Amba and Assissi
    Imagine having a grandfather that looks like Mick?! Ewww!!!!

    Attended London School of Economics. He actually thought about going into politics or journalism, but then decided music was where it's at.
    Sang back up vocals on Carly Simon's You're So Vain. Towards the end Jagger is more noticeable when his accent comes thru. You can actually hear his accent better in the 2nd part of the song.

    When he took his son Lucas to show him the Dartford Grammar School he attended when he was younger, the kids there mistakenly took him for an ex-member of The Beatles

    Was knighted by Prince Charles on Dec. 12, 2003 for his services to music. And Keith was not happy. He was probably thinking "these were the same people trying to throw us in prison in the 1960s and now you're accepting a knighthood?" He thought it went against the Stones' anti-establishment reputation

    Auditioned for the role of Alex in the 1971 movie A Clockwork Orange. He was supposed to play Alex, a teen obsessed with Beethoven and rape. He also auditioned for the role of Dr. Frank N Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    Has a brother named Chris Jagger who is also a musician
    Chris Jagger.
    Voted 4th Sexiest Artist by VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists. I'll so agree with that!!!
    Appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine 20 times, beginning in 1968 and most recently 2005

     Big fan of the Beach Boys
    Lives in L.A.

    Also done some acting:

    Freejack. Played a futuristic 'bonejacker' aka mercenary named Victor Vacendak

    Bent. Played a cross-dressing entertainer named Greta who befriends Max

    The Man from Elysian Fields. Plays Luthor Fox, the owner of a male escort service

    Performance. Plays Turner, a womanizing, bi-sexual ex-rock star

    Ned Kelly. Plays the title character, who is a 19th century Australian outlaw

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