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Monday, May 2, 2011

Movie Reviews

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, pt. I

I recently got the chance to finally see the New Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, pt.1. I finally got to see it. This movie was totally awesome! I loved actually seeing it all the way through. There is also a scene here and there of nudity, whether it be Daniel Radcliffe in boxers or Rupert Grint with no shirt, and there is also a significant amount of cussing in this movie, and you might also hear Daniel or Rupert use the word 'bloody' alot, and if you are from the UK, you may know what this means. I may not read the books anymore, but that doesn't mean I'm not always up for a good Harry Potter movie, I would definitely not recommend people with young kids taking them to see this movie, it's a bit intense, and very dark might I add, also there is a scene of brief nudity where you see Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson kissing and almost having sex right there on the screen, it's blocked out some what, but you can basically tell they are naked on the screen. It's very dark and I would not recommend those with younger children taking them to see it, it might scare them and I really don't want the younger kids getting scared.

If you know me like my family does, you can already find the one I like!!!! Here's a hint: he's the one on the far left, lol!! He's cute, sorry, but cute guys with even cuter English accents turn me on, lol :)


This movie is a little on the weird side, but other than that, it's pretty good. Here's basically what it's abut, I'll try to give you the best description I can. Emilio Estevez plays Alex Furlong, who is a racecar driver, Rene Russo plays Julie Redland, his girlfriend. Alex is driving in a big race and meanwhile in the not too distant future of 2009(yeah, you heard it and read it right), Ian McCandless(Anthony Hopkins) is the boss of a futuristic company and he is on the verge of death, so he needs a body and mind replacement. He has a mercenary named Victor Vacendak(Mick Jagger) go and capture Furlong because he is the ideal recipient for the mind and body transplant. Well, when he enters the future, a team is ready to perform the transplant and he is already dead and he is brought back to life and wasn't supposed to, and he manages to escape and throughout the movie he is referred to as a 'freejack', meaning that someone had paid to bring him to the future. The movie is weird, but good. In some parts of the movie, Furlong jokingly makes fun of Vacendak's English accent, sometimes making fun of the way he may say a cuss word or the way he talks, but it's nothing bad. Towards the end, Furlong and Julie go to McCandless Inc to confront Ian McCandless after finding out that it was him who paid to have Furlong brought to the future, and when they find him, they find that he is stalling for the arrival of Vacendak and his team. Then the transfer of McCandless' mind and body is made and is transferred to Furlong's body and he becomes the boss. As Furlong and Julie are leaving, they are approached by Victor and his team, it turns out that he lied to the others about him becoming McCandless so they could leave safely. Hopefully that's the most accurate description I can give. You'd probably have to watch it to know what it's about.

Here are some pictures from the movie.
  Mick Jagger as Victor Vacendak.

  Rene Russo as Julie Redland and Emilio Estevez as Alex Furlong

  Anthony Hopkins(Ian McCandless), Emilio Estevez(Alex Furlong), Mick Jagger(Victor Vacendak)

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

This movie may seem like a very weird movie to alot of the younger crowd, but I saw it recently and I have to admit, that even though there might have been singing in it, it was very good, though very sad at the end. I'll try my best to give a good description of it to those who may not have seen it. But here goes. The movie Goodbye Mr. Chips is about a professor named Mr. Chipping. I checked the name on the internet and I got it right! oh yeah! Any way it's about this professor at a boys school in England, not surprising, named Mr. Chipping. It takes place during WWII, during the bombings of England, and any way, one day this strict teacher falls in love with a woman named Katharine Bridges, played by English-born musician Petula Clark. It's very sad towards the end because as Katharine and a group of singers are performing at a local Army base, they are killed by a German V-1 flying bomb. The students start to notice the change in their strict teacher and after she is unfortunately killed, "Mr. Chips" as the students call him is made headmaster of the school. It's a little weird, it was made in 1969, but it is a very good movie, it's sad but very good ending, he achieves what he has always wanted-- to be made headmaster of the boys school.

Most of these movies are what my dad usually ends up watching. Freekjack? There's no way he'll watch that, I don't keep it anywhere in sight of him for fear he might throw it away, for some reason that's still unknown to me, he does not like Mick Jagger, he does not care for him and sometimes likes to joke around about his physical appearance. But anyhow, Goodbye, Mr. Chips was a very good movie, it may seem a little weird to some, but I liked it, but then again, anything 1960s or after that I like, so you can say I'm very open to new things.

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