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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cool Facts About...

Ace Frehley
Here some cool stuff you may or may not have known about Paul Daniel Frehley, better known as "Ace" Frehley, the "Spaceman" of Kiss!

Has two siblings
-Has a sister, Nancy and a brother, Charles, who's a classical guitarist

His nickname comes from a good ability
-The nickname "Ace" came from his ability to get his friends dates

Worked a variety of odd jobs
-Worked as a liquor delivery man, mail carrier, messenger, furniture delivery man

His makeup is inspired by him
-Inspired by his love of all things sci-fi and the belief he's from another planet, this inspired him to become the Spaceman
Was replaced by Vinnie Vincent in 1982
-After leaving the band, Ace went on to form Frehley's Comet. In Dec. 1982, his former band mates had started work on their next album: Creatures of the Night, with Vinnie Vincent playing in place of him

The original lineup of Kiss reunited once more
-In 1996, the original lineup reunited. For their Psycho Circus album. Criss permanently left in 2000, and so did Frehley. Criss was highly upset with whom Gene and Paul had chosen to replace Frehley and him. They chose former Alice Cooper drummer Eric Singer and former Black N' Blue guitarist Tommy Thayer

Says he regrets not becoming clean and sober sooner
-In 2008, he said he learned he plays better clean and sober

Designed the ever famous Kiss logo
-The original logo had lightning bolts as the "S". But it brought too much heat on the band, with accusations of the band being Nazis in disguise, despite the band being half Jewish

Has an IQ of 164

Self-taught guitarist
-Started playing at 13

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