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Friday, November 22, 2013

Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of Kiss

As the title suggests, this is an autobiography of Peter Criss, the former drummer, the "Catman" of Kiss. It was a really good book and luckily for my sister, she now knows what to get me for Christmas, lol
While reading it, I learned a lot of stuff I didn't know about him. Here are some of them

He was abused by the nuns at his Catholic school
-While attending Transfiguration, his Catholic school, he was abused. From things such as refusal to go to the bathroom, so he was made to sit in his own waste, or being locked in a closet for hours at a time or coming home to an extremely abusive grandmother who would beat him senseless, until he bled from almost every hole in his body, including his private parts

Or, that he's a breast cancer survivor
-In 2008, his wife Gigi discovered she had cancer in her ovaries. This made him paranoid about lumps and anything to do with cancer. So he did a self inspection of every inch of his body, because he said that after years of wearing spandex, you immediately know what doesn't belong there when he found a lump on his chest, which turned out to be cancerous. And that he did an ad encouraging men to get checked for breast cancer because, up until then, he believed men couldn't get breast cancer
Or that he and Ace pulled a VERY cruel prank on one of his bandmates
-No one, except Paul Stanley, was aware that Gene Simmons' mother was a concentration camp survivor. Ace, out of a habit he had, dressed up as a Nazi officer and had even enlisted Peter's help in his little prank. They both, dressed as Nazis, did the worst thing imaginable: THEY KNOCKED ON GENE'S DOOR! When he opened it, he was utterly appalled by what he saw. But not before Peter said in a mock German accent "Where are your papers otherwise we'll throw your Jewish a-- into the ovens!" He closed the door, obviously very hurt and when they were back in their room, a clearly angry Paul Stanley burst in, saying "What the f--- is wrong with you? Are you insane? Don't you know his grandmother died in the f---ing ovens?" That's when he told Peter and Ace about Gene telling him that his mother was a Nazi camp survivor, of Auschwitz. How her own grandmother had died in the gas chamber and her own mother died with her so they wouldn't be alone

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