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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cool Facts About...

Paul Stanley
Here are some things you may or may not know about Stanley Bert Eisen, or who we call Paul Stanley, the "Starchild" of Kiss. OMG, he's so cute!!!!!!!!! I love his eyes, so beautiful!!

Has been suspected of being gay or bisexual
-Back then, his sexual orientation was a hot topic. People often wondered if he was gay or bisexual, because of his almost feminine good looks, the way he acts on stage sometimes, etc.

He looks pretty darn good to me, lol!!
Is a fan of classical opera
-Growing up, his parents listened to opera music, so it instilled a love of opera in him

Is considered by Gene Simmons to be the brother he never had
-In Kiss, these two share a close almost brotherly bond. And like Simmons, Stanley does not use drugs or alcohol, or even smokes cigarettes
Has many little projects outside of Kiss
-Outside of Kiss, he paints in his spare time and he exhibited his artwork in 2005. Also, he was the last person to play The Phantom in a stage production of The Phantom of the Opera

His mother was born in Berlin, Germany
-Unlike Gene Simmons, who is fully Jewish-born, Paul is only German-Jewish

He was not always known as the "Starchild"
-His look changed over time. In Kiss' early days, he had a Lone Ranger-style bandit mask as his first look until Ace Frehley suggested using a more feminine single star over his eye
Has been in and out of the hospital more times than other musicians
-In 2007, he was hospitalized with tachycardia, or severely fast heartbeat. He missed the July 27, 2007 show and it marks the first time he has ever missed a show in the 34 years he's worked as a musician. He's also been in and out of the hospital for 2 prior hip replacements. The first one went into place in Oct. 2004, after the "Rock the Nation" tour and the second one went in place in Dec. 2004 after complications arose from the first one. And in Oct. 2011, underwent surgery on his vocal cords

Along with the current lineup of Kiss, they provided their voices for cartoons
-They provided their voices for the episode "Road to Europe" on Family Guy, where Peter and Lois go to a Kiss concert and she reveals she knows nothing about them. Also, they provided their voices to 2 episodes of the cartoon Fairly OddParents, Wishology- Part 1: The Big Beginning and Wishology- Part 3: The Final Ending

Fairly OddParents

Fairly OddParents
Family Guy
Sings with a falsetto voice
-This is evident on the track "I Was Made For Loving You"

He has a rare facial deformity
-Suffering from microtia, or underdevelopment of the pinna (outer ear), this left his right ear closed up, leaving him completely deaf in his right ear. He's a supporter of the charity AboutFace, which supports facial deformities and differences.

Despite being in good shape now, he wasn't always as well built
-When he was younger, he often said he was a fat, ugly kid. And in the early days of Kiss, his first costume consisted of a black corset that was supposed to pull his slight "love handles" in and make him skinnier
Has 4 kids
-Has a son, Evan Shane, born in 1994 to Pamela Bowen, a son, Colin Michael Stanley, born 9/6/2006 and a daughter named Sarah Brianna, born 1/2/2009 to Erin Sutton and a daughter, Emily Grace

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