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Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Birthdays

Since it's December, I wanna give a big huge Happy Birthday shout out to the following people

Gabriel Jagger
-Birth name: Gabriel Luke Beaureguard Jagger
-DOB: 12/9/1997
-Going to be: 16
-Stepbrother of Jade and Karis Jagger
-Birth name: Lucy Alexis Liu
-DOB: 12/2/1968
-Where: Queens, New York
-Going to be: 45
-Did not learn English until she was 5 because her family spoke Mandarin Chinese
-Birth name: John Michael Osbourne
-DOB: 12/3/1948
-Where: Aston, Birmingham, England
-Going to be: 65
-Was one of the first original "shock rockers"
Marisa Tomei
-DOB: 12/4/1964
-Where: Brooklyn, New York
-Going to be: 49
-Parents were an English teacher and trial lawyer
Simon Helberg
-Birth name: Simon Maxwell Helberg
-DOB: 12/9/1980
-Where: Los Angeles, California
-Going to be: 33
-Does dead voice impersonations of Nicholas Cage and other actors
-Birth name: Archie David Kao
-DOB: 12/14/1969
-Where: Washington, D.C.
-Going to be: 44
-Played Kai Chen, the blue Power Ranger in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Benjamin Bratt
-DOB: 12/16/1963
-Where: San Francisco, California
-Going to be: 50
-Is of Peruvian Indigenous Indian descent
Criss Angel
-Birth name: Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos
-DOB: 12/19/1967
-Where: Hempstead, New York
-Going to be: 46
-Is of Greek descent
Denzel Washington
-Birth name: Denzel Hayes Washington
-DOB: 12/28/1954
-Where: Mount Vernon, Washington
-Going to be: 59
-Parents were a beauty parlor owner and Pentecostal minister
-Birth name: Richard Mark Hammond
-DOB: 12/19/1969
-Where: West Midlands, England
-Going to be: 44
-In Nov. 2004, bought a 1969 Dodge Charger

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